It’s ‘Jubbly’ weekend … <br>sounds like an excuse to dance

It’s ‘Jubbly’ weekend …
sounds like an excuse to dance

Friday 5 Rhythms with Bernadette Ryder
3rd June, Horfield Parish Church Hall
* Bank Holiday – dancing as usual *

It’s the Queen’s Jubilee crown … Are you …

Celebrating the achievement of an extraordinary woman
– 70 years on the throne through massive changes & challenges face+heartsbangparty face

Fuming that the f***ing monarchy still exists swearing facethumbs downpile of poo
– They should be paying reparations exploding head!!

Utterly indifferent yawn

… or just ready to make the most of an extra 2 days holiday rainbowzany facesparklesthank you

Whatever your response – bring it to the dance floor – lets have fun with it.

sparkles emoji
sparkles emoji

(as usual, booking open
for the next 4 classes)

See you on the dance floor.

With Love,
Bernadette, Jon & team xxx

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