The Deepening – Residential Waves Intensive – Rhossili

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The Deepening, Waves Intensive is a deep dive into the primary teaching of the 5 Rhythms – how to surrender to the flow of our own energy through dance, enabling us to recover that vital spontaneity. When intensively pursued, this simple exploration rapidly brings us face to face with our inhibitions, our masks and other defences we have taken on.

The deeper practice includes simple ways for these to begin sliding away – a meditation that redresses imbalances in modern lifestyles. So while the dance is exhilarating and physically liberating, it also brings quiet to the mind and a profound sense of internal stillness within movement.

The residential setting has been chosen to bring together all the ingredients needed to facilitate this deepening: Time and space in a beautiful, peaceful location on the stunning Gower coast. A supportive community of committed dancers. Nourishing whole earth food by the celebrated Café Momo. A highly experienced teacher. The perfect recipe.

The greatest gift of the 5 Rhythms is that, when engaged with deeply and fully, it takes us on a journey of progressive expansion towards our full potential as creative, loving beings. Catalytic in nature, it works to free the body, open the heart, still the mind and awaken consciousness. Ultimately, this entirely physical practice is a spiritual experience.

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… it has happened – it was wonderful – there will be more, in Rhossili, in 2019

We were trialling the venue, which has proved itself so fabulously that we are going ahead with the four-part programme that Bernadette originally envisioned:

Elemental Rhythms 2019
(April 25th–28th | June 20th–23rd | Sept 19th–22nd | Nov 14th–17th)

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See also:
Feedback from this and other workshops
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