‘Covid-safe’ dancing

A sub-section included on various pages across the website – here is the content in its own page, in case you want to save it somewhere, or even print it out (but please think of the trees and don’t unless you really need to).

For peace of mind, and out of respect for all concerned:

  • It is now essential that you arrive on time. The doors close 15 minutes after the start (no admittance, sorry). Thank you.
  • To care for each other:
    • if you can, please self-test negative (using the ‘lateral flow ‘rapid test’) within at most 48 hours before the class. We appreciate that these tests are no longer free, or even readily available – this is not a requirement.

    Please do not come to the class if you or a member of your household has symptoms that could be covid.

  • Please bring plenty of water.
  • In line with our risk assessment, based on UKActive guidelines:
    • total numbers in the class may be limited;
    • the venue will be ventilated while we are dancing, while ensuring that thermal comfort is not significantly compromised (to avoid injury);
    • we shall not be working with physical contact at all;
    • you may be requested to provide contact details for NHS Test & Trace, either in advance (on booking), or on arrival by either scanning an NHS QR Code or on paper – see Note below, and Privacy Policy addendum for details.
    • Commonly touched surfaces (doorhandles etc) will be sanitised in advance.
    • Wearing a face covering is your own choice, but please note that wearing a mask during exercise is not recommended in the English government guidelines.

See also:

Weekly Class Terms & Conditions.


Our guidelines and venue risk assessments have been prepared with reference to national regulations, guidelines and current scientific understanding of covid-19 transmission, specifically as interpreted by UK Active, the national organisation representing operators of fitness venues, and similar bodies worldwide. Statistical evidence to date suggests that these precautions result in remarkably little transmission.

If and when Test & Trace is operating, we shall ask for your contact details, in case requested by NHS Test & Trace. It is not compulsory to provide this information, but is recommended. This is privately held by us, and the likelihood of it being requested from us is extremely small.

The above information is intended to be helpful for our class and workshop attendees, and supplements other general advice regarding symptoms, self-isolation etc., including any local regulations currently in force.

Updated: 31 March 2022

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