The 5 Rhythms


The 5Rhythms® is a simple, powerful moving meditation that anyone – of any age, size, or physical ability – can practise. There are no steps to follow, no choreography to learn, no way to do it wrong. The only requirement is a body that is still breathing, a heart that is still beating, and mind that is still curious!

Just like light, sound or ocean waves, a dancing body when moving freely passes through five distinct rhythmic patterns. These patterns continuously repeat themselves in a wave of motion. The 5 Rhythms, the foundation of the the work of Gabrielle Roth, is a map of how energy flows – through the body, through our lives…

Each of the 5 Rhythms is illustrated in the video above, and described on the home page (just hold your mouse pointer over the images, or tap the corners on a tablet/phone!)

5 Rhythms logoFor more info:

The Moving Center® New York.

The late Gabrielle Roth, originator of the 5 Rhythms explains more in this short video.