Irem Luqman returns to Bristol – this Friday

Irem Luqman returns to Bristol – this Friday

Friday 5 Rhythms 
with guest teacher Irem Luqman
Fri 17th June, Horfield Parish Church Hall

Dear Dancers

Our friend Irem used to come and dance with us back in Hamilton House, so it’s really exciting to welcome her back to Bristol as our guest teacher this week.

Irem says: “I cannot imagine a life without 5Rhythms now. It keeps me sane in an insane world, it keeps me connected to myself, to others, to the divine. Each time I dance I know a little more of me is opening and softening to a more conscious and authentic way of being present in the world. It’s a powerful form of activism in a world that values the opposite.”

So come and dance…

sparkles emoji
sparkles emoji

(as usual, booking open
for the next 4 classes)

Bernadette will be back next week.

See you on the dance floor.

With Love,
Jon, for Bernadette, Irem & team xxx

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