5Rhythms® Dance with Bernadette Ryder

5Rhythms® Dance with Bernadette Ryder

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Bernadette Ryder

Bernadette has been teaching the 5Rhythms® dance practice since 1998, and trained in 5Rhythms Heartbeat advanced practice 2005-7. Her approach to the work has been influenced by a number of other profound spiritual practices: principally Isha Yoga, Movement Medicine, Sky Dancing Tantra, Sacred Trust Shamanism and the teachings of Abraham Hicks. She also practices yoga, meditation and Kriya breathwork, which she integrates beautifully into her classes, workshops and training programmes.

Bernadette has worked in the fields of training, group facilitation and community development since the late 1980s. From 6 years establishing sustainable resettlement projects with refugees in sub-Saharan Africa, to several years in UK multicultural inner-city areas she has empowered numerous grass roots initiatives including credit unions, community businesses, local youth facilities, drugs rehabilitation programmes and the establishment of a local development trust.

In this short film by Andrew Hassenruck, Bernadette talks about dancing her self back to health.

From this diverse background, Bernadette is now motivated by a simple, central purpose that runs through all her work, which is the intention to uplift and facilitate the capacity to create a joyful life.

She is fascinated by the role of the intuitive right brain processes in our capacity to learn and effect change in ourselves and in the world. Her approach is holistic, comfortably including intellectual, analytical and experiential processes, creating ways to access our emotional intelligence. Her mastery is in teaching the art of being fully present and embodied in our physical being while engaging effectively in our lives, relationships and the world. Her work is a celebration of the spiritual through the physical and practical.

As well as In-Rhythm, Bernadette is a member of the 5Rhythms Teachers Association, and is a qualified teacher in Hatha Yoga. She is a Director and co-founder of DMAC (Dance Music Arts Collective) who established and ran the ‘In-Alignment Dance Studios’ in Bristol for many years. Other related areas of her current/recent work include:

  • TreeSisters
  • Be The Change / Pachamama Alliance Symposium & Trainings
  • Training for Transition (Transition Towns)
  • The Work That Reconnects (Joanna Macy et al)
  • The Relaxation Centre Bristol

Major qualifications:

Hatha Yoga training with Ayur Yoga (Mysore),
Active IQ Diploma in Fitness Instruction & Personal Training (QFC),
Accredited 5Rhythms Teacher (Waves & Heartbeat),
BACP accredited PGD Counselling in Organisations,
MTI Holistic Massage Diploma,
MSc Food Resources Related to Community Development,
BSc Biology & Ecology.

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Bernadette's teacher profile
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DMAC UK (website)
"Since I started dancing with you, you have sustained and inspired me, more than you could know. Thank you so much."
Richard, Bridgend
"I got so much more from this workshop than I could have ever expected ... meticulously organised and held, I could not find any other word to describe it than 'perfect'."
Kelly, Plymouth
"Bernadette's experience and generosity as a facilitator, her skill and capacity to hold space for a whole group whilst having a particular sensitivity to individuals as they work, is tremendous."
Mags L, Durham
"Wonderful energy, beautiful people one really couldn't ask for anymore. Highly recommended."
Andre, London [Facebook 5* review]
"I've found [Rhythm Circle] really nourishing and feel very safe in the space. I look forward to it every week and have got so much out of being with a regular group..."
Caroline, Bristol
"It's no exaggeration to say that 5 Rhythms with Bernadette has given me back my life!"
JR, Bristol
"(Bernadette's classes) have had a very positive impact on my life ... and far exceeded my hopes and expectations."
NW, Bristol
"Thank you for making such a beautiful safe space."
LJ, Bristol
"It was one of the best workshops I have ever experienced."
SG, Gloucestershire
"You said it would be nourishing – and you were right."
KC, Bristol
"It's quite astounding! I have learnt so much and have taken away so many lessons and so much positivity..."
HT, Bristol
"What would I change? - I'd prescribe the course on the NHS!"
“I love these sessions… to let off steam, develop confidence connecting with others, to move away from the head fuzz and into my body… also just a lovely bunch of people”
Ria, Bristol [FB post]
"Bernadette's choice of music is always delicious and always seems to be in alignment with the energy of the room."
Ria, Bristol [FB post]
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Organiser / Producer

Jon Ralls

Jon Ralls

Jon is your point of contact for practical questions, bookings for classes, workshops and Rhythm Circle.
Jon has been dancing the 5Rhythms since 2009, when Bernadette began introducing movement into environmental awareness training events that they were running together.
He administers mailing lists and the Facebook page (slightly erratically), is (un)Sound Engineer for live and Zoom classes, and coordinates the wonderful team of volunteers (thank you all!)
Jon is participating in the 2023/24 5Rhythms Teacher Training programme.


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