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Elemental Rhythms is a series of four workshops, each devoted to the teachings of one of the elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. The workshops can be done individually, but they will also build on each other in a progressive sequence – each element being a gateway to a deeper connection with our world, our-selves, and our potential.
Workshop 1- EARTH: Working particularly with Flowing, the body, the physical, and the feminine – teaching the power of being. April 25th – 28th, 2019

Goats Hole CaveEARTH

Most of us long to deepen into fundamental connection with the earth mother, who birthed our physical nature, and who nourishes the sensual experience of life. When we actively engage with earth energy, we step through a portal into the mysteries of the physical.

In this dimension, we can deepen into the teachings of flowing, the body, and the feminine principle. We can connect with, and make sense of, primary patternings in our persona which have emerged through our experience of being mothered. This opens the opportunity both to heal core woundings and to evolve beyond them, as we learn and grow into the power of being.

Workshop completed

Workshop 2 – FIRE: Working with Staccato, the landscape of heart, feeling, passion, tenderness, and the masculine – teaching the power of loving. June 20th – 23rd, 2019

Rhossili sunsetFIRE

When we engage with the element of fire we step through a portal into the teachings of the universal father – the energy source fuelling all life on earth – the Sun.

In this landscape we encounter the principles of staccato, the masculine, the topography of the heart and the kaleidoscope of human emotions: passion, tenderness, the many faces of love, and the many facets of human relationship.

These teachings foster our capacity to shape our own lives, set our own boundaries, and determine our direction and destiny.

Within this dimension we explore the patterns we each acquired through our experience of being fathered – opening the opportunity to evolve beyond our core woundings and expand into the power of loving.

Workshop completed

Workshop 3 – WATER: Working with Chaos, the energy field of the mind, the ego, the trickster, and intuition – teaching the power of knowing. Sept 19th – 22nd, 2019

Rhossili surfWATER

Within the fluid, translucent, medium of water the marriage of earth and fire gives birth to life in its vast variety. A transmutable teacher: as gentle as dew, as force-full as rapids, as relentless as ocean tides – water teaches us how to ride the waves of change with grace and poise – and how to seep past hindrances to find the pathways of least resistance towards our aspirations.

Within the domain of water, we encounter the energy fields of the mind and face the exquisite thrill of dancing with forces greater than ourselves. Through the practice of confronting and learning to undermine the trickster patterns of the ego, we can expand our capacity to embrace the deep intelligence of our intuitive mind – the subtle voice that knows: when to forge our direction and when to yield to the current, when to shape our world and when to be shaped by it – growing and nurturing the power of knowing that resides at the heart of chaos.

Workshop completed

Workshop 4 – AIR: Working with Lyrical, the soul, the imagination – Stepping into a vision quest and the teachings of the power of seeing. Nov 14th – 17th, 2019

Rhossili surfAIR

Note: This workshop was sold out so far in advance we never actually wrote the promotional description! 🙂

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Workshop completed

In our chosen residential setting – with its rolling moorland, secluded beaches and windswept cliffs – the elements are so powerfully present that opening to their potency, and letting them guide and inspire our work is both easy and obvious.

Add to the stunning location: a supportive community of dedicated dancers, nourishing whole earth food by the celebrated Café Momo, an exceptionally experienced and committed teacher, and we have all the ingredients needed to facilitate deep healing and nourishing work.

don’t just take our word for it – read the feedback!

The greatest gift of the 5 Rhythms is that, when engaged with deeply and fully, it takes us on a journey of progressive expansion towards our full potential as creative, loving beings. Catalytic in nature, it works to free the body, open the heart, still the mind and awaken consciousness. Ultimately, this entirely physical practice is a spiritual experience.


Gower Coast views and our accommodation

Venue, Accommodation, Travel

Where and When

Rhossili, Gower Coast, South Wales

EARTH: April 25th – 28th
FIRE: June 20th – 23rd
WATER: Sept 19th – 22nd
AIR: Nov 14th – 17th

(Each time: Thurs 6pm – Sunday 4pm)


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Nearest postcode for SatNav is SA3 1PL, but on Google Maps it’s more precise if you search for ‘Rhossili Bunkhouse’.

Venue & Accommodation

The dance hall is light and spacious, with a natural wood floor.

This workshop is residential; we strongly encourage you to stay ‘onsite’, ideally in the bunkhouse.

more on accommodation

Rossili bunkhouse bunk beds

  • Shared accommodation: The Bunkhouse is comfortable and inexpensive (5* ‘Excellent’ on Google reviews). Bunkrooms are simply furnished, each sleeping 2, 3 or 4 people in single beds and solid wood bunk beds, fixed to the wall for stability. There are showers on each floor, a lounge/dining room and kitchen.
  • Room allocations will be discussed, and sharing preferences accommodated as far as possible.
  • Single rooms: Some rooms are bookable for one, on payment of a single supplement.
  • Staying nearby: This is a residential workshop, but for those requiring greater comfort/privacy, there are other options, including lovely cottages and a local B&B very close by [links below]. Please note:
    (a) you will have to be within walking distance;
    (b) you will need to book early – in this beautiful place, they will book up;
    (c) you will still pay a contribution for daytime use of the facilities
    * Please speak with us first! *

Rhossili Village Hall and Bunkhouse is run by Trustees for the benefit of the local community.


The ‘board and lodging’ cost includes three meals a day from Thursday dinner through to Sunday lunch, plus healthy snacks, fruit and teas in between. We are delighted to be working with the celebrated Cafe Momo, who have many years’ experience providing healthy, nutritious and sustaining vegetarian/vegan food at conscious dance and other workshops. Specific dietary requirements can usually be catered for by prior arrangement.

Getting there

Click on a heading for info and links:

CAR – about 2 hours drive from Bristol:”]

Rhossili about 2 hours drive from Bristol, along the M4 to Swansea, then along the south side of the Gower Peninsula. The postcode for SatNavs is SA3 1PL, but on Google Maps it’s more precise if you search for ‘Rhossili Bunkhouse’.
[Google map in new tab]
The Car Park has space for around 10 vehicles (a couple more if they are all parked considerately).
Car shares actively encouraged for all sorts of reasons 🙂

TRAIN/BUS – direct trains to Swansea:

There are direct trains from Bristol, Cardiff and London to Swansea. There it’s a 15 minute walk (or short hop on a local bus) from rail station to bus station, then an hour’s bus ride right to the door of the venue (make sure you get off at the Village Hall, don’t go all the way to Worm’s Head!) Alternatively, you can probably arrange for someone who’s driving to pick you up at Swansea 🙂
National Rail website
Bus route Swansea-Rhossili [suspended]

FLIGHTS – direct to Cardiff and Bristol:”]

There are flights direct to Cardiff and Bristol airports from many European cities and even farther afield. (If you have to fly to one of the London airports, you might want to arrive in the UK a day or two before, or you will have very long day travelling!)

For more see Gower Holidays website:
How to get to the Gower Peninsula

Other local info/resources

There is wealth of other info on the Gower Holidays website, including:

Prices, Booking & Payment

Full Series (tuition)

£999 (= just £250 per workshop)
plus accommodation & food
(deposit £360 secures your place)

Individual Workshop (tuition)

£xxx Early Bird* per workshop
plus accommodation & food
(deposit £xx secures your place)

* 9 weeks+ before; full price thereafter: £xxx

Accommodation & Food

All meals & refreshments: £xxx /workshop
Healthy sustaining vegetarian food from Cafe Momo

Onsite shared in bunkhouse: £xx /workshop
Bunkhouse single supplement: £xx
Other accommodation options may be available – contact Jon to discuss.

Booking and Payment

Please click on a heading below for full details appropriate to your booking:

[Various payment options were available, including monthly standing orders]



There are no formal prerequisites for this workshop, but it is recommended that you attend at least a few drop-in classes with an accredited 5 Rhythms Teacher beforehand. Related ecstatic dance practices such as Movement Medicine, Soul Motion and Open Floor are also helpful, as are other practices which bring focus to movement, attention and breath, such as yoga.

5 Rhythms Teacher Training

These workshops fulfil the requirements for the Waves hours prerequisites for those on the Teaching path – please let us know if this is your intention, so we can ensure that everything is correctly documented, and that you are aware of any specific detailed requirements.

Landscape images are either Open Government Licence, or by kind permission of Gower Holidays; others courtesy of Davies-Hughes & Sons Eco-Buildings & bespoke woodwork (hand-carved gate) and Rhossili Village Hall & Bunkhouse, public domain or ©In-Rhythm. Details available on request.

In-Rhythm logoContact Us

Booking & practical queries:
Click to email Jon
Tel: 07970 069 256 (Jon)
(from outside UK +44 7970 069 256)

Or chat with us after a Friday class.

Visit our Facebook Event pages: EARTH & FIRE too – and if you click ‘Interested’ (or ‘Going’, if you are!) it really helps us get the word out – thank you 🙂


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