Alex Mackay opens our Festival of Fridays – Aug 10 (drop-in)

Alex Mackay teaching in Bristol – this Friday night
Aug 10, 8pm-10:30pm

This Friday we are delighted to be blessed with a visit from the extraordinary Alex Mackay as our first guest teacher of August. What can I say?? Alex is a shaman – if you’ve danced with her, I don’t need to say anything, you’ll be there… and if you haven’t yet – DO.
Nice things said about Alex (on her website)
(I seriously considered driving all the way back from Leicestershire for the evening… it’s just a bit too far 🙁 … so have a dance for me too 🙂
Jon x)

And in other news…

Rhythm Circle:

Our Tuesday closed group is nearly full for the term starting September. If you’d been meaning to enquire/join the mailing list, check out ‘What’s so special… and get in touch now

Festival of Fridays – Guest Teachers in August:

Once again this year, we have a ‘mini-fest’ of popular, well-loved teachers – next week, Bernadette’s back, then we have visits from the wonderful Jean Rankin and Neil Pinnock – see Where and When for dates – and more details to follow by email too.

The Deepening:

With a few weeks to go, we now have two spaces – come and dance Deep on the beautiful and powerful shores of the Gower Coast.
See The Deepening – Residential Waves Intensive.

Bernadette and some of the team are away this week dancing, drumming, singing and hanging out with our friends at Tribe of Doris Summer School – have a fantastic night with Alex on Friday, and we’ll see you next week 🙂

See you on the dance floors
With love
Bernadette, Jon, team, & all our fabulous guests xxx

* Friday classes continue right through the summer without a break *
* When Bernadette is away, we have wonderful guest teachers *
* See Where and When for details *