We Love Doris

Tribe of Doris Summer School 2018 banner

We <3 Doris … and Doris <3 Us too :D

So they’ve given us (that means you)…
20% off full event tickets for the next fortnight
just enter [CALL US FOR DISCOUNT CODE]* at Doris Online Ticket Shop

So what’s special about Tribe of Doris Summer School?

Well it’s really hard to describe in an email – if you can, come and dance with us tomorrow and talk to somebody who’s been. It’s really not like a conventional ‘festival’ – I don’t do ‘festivals’, but I LOVED Doris last year. This is (some of) what I love about it:

80+ world-class workshops led by inspirational teachers,
a really unique experience of diversity and community,
a beautiful site at Stanford Hall in Leicestershire,
an ethic of care of ourselves, each other, the land,
all together having

see Tribe of Doris website for more

I Am Teaching at Tribe of Doris Summer School 2018
click to book online


and if you choose to join us too…

‘home from home’ in the 5 Rhythms camp circle (optional),
where we
camp and cook and hang out and laugh together round the fire
and as if that wasn’t enough…
three 5 Rhythms classes in 5 days.

What’s not to like? ;)

TO BOOK: just go to Tribe of Doris > Summer School > ‘Shop’, select Adult Full Event ticket, and enter the [CALL US FOR DISCOUNT CODE] * in the box – before midnight on July 20th – you’ll get 20% off. (And you can still use the code ‘BERY’ to get 5% off any other tickets.)

… and meantime, don’t forget …

‘5 Rhythms Fundamentals’ is this week, the first Friday of the month, — a class with little more guidance than in the others, to help you drop deeper, not to mention feeding your curious head as well your questing feet. At least as valuable to experienced dancers as beginners — I love them :)usual place, usual times.

See you on the dance floors

With love

Bernadette, Jon & team xxx

*IMPORTANT: This code is ONLY for those on our mailing list, so can’t be posted here — if you’ve arrived here by clicking a link in our email, e.g. because it was not displaying properly, please CALL JON for the code. Please DON’T then share it more widely, on social media or otherwise. The offer ends at midnight on Friday July 20th.