More workshop & event dates <br>& Gabrielle on ‘Staccato’

More workshop & event dates
& Gabrielle on ‘Staccato’

A chattier post than usual this week – dates & links are summarised in full on the right 
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Dear Dancers

There’s lots happening – both evenings and workshops. Emails will follow in due course about each event, but you can find out about some of them now on the website. In particular:

The return of Bernadette’s popular New Year workshop ‘Re-Visioning’ – a wonderful way to transition into the new year – a rich and meaningful approach to creating and embodying your vision and intentions for 2023. Find out more and book online.

Our Hallowe’en 5 Rhythms Party on Saturday Oct 29 is booking now – don’t forget that _replaces_ the Friday class that week.

And… “God, Sex & the Body” – I’m ridiculously excited that we’re hosting this very magical 4 day workshop, created by Gabrielle Roth and taught by the wonderful Alex Mackay. Here in Bristol, March 30 – April 2, 2023 (the week before Easter), full details will be announced soon – meantime find out more here.

There is still more in the pipeline: make 2023 a year to find out more about what Gabrielle Roth meant when she wrote: “Between the head and feet of any given person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness.” Come and speak with us at the end of any class if you’d like more sense of what that might mean for you.

See you on the dance floors 🙂

All Love,
Jon, for Bernadette, & team xxx

This week…

Friday 5 Rhythms

with Bernadette Ryder
Fri 21st October
Horfield Parish Church Hall

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(as usual, booking open
for the next 4 classes… and…)


Forthcoming Evenings…

Special seasonal dances:
all now booking online*

  • Hallowe’en 5 Rhythms Party
    Saturday 29th October 8-11pm
    St Michael’s Parish Hall
  • Christmas/Solstice 5 Rhythms Party
    Thursday 22nd December 8-11pm
    Horfield Parish Church Hall
  • New Year 5 Rhythms Party
    Saturday 31 Dec 8pm-late (times tbc)
    St Michael’s Parish Hall

(*Pre-booked only – drop-in will be available only if not sold out.)

No Friday class (venue unavailable):

  • Oct 28th … but see above
  • Nov 11th
  • Dec 23rd … but see above


The second of the 5 Rhythms…

“… Move into staccato following … music … that has a hard, driving, pulsating beat. Let the beat to take hold of you. Then, inhaling with each movement and letting out the breath explosively, making whatever sounds come out, your movements become fast-paced, thrusting, pounding – each movement isolated, with the beginning and an end. You’re moving in lines and angles, no longer in circles, and your moves are percussive, short; they’ve got edges, and your breath releases in bursts of sound. As in every other rhythm, if you ground your awareness in your feet, the waves will flow through your whole body and you’ll become more and more aware of all the parts of your body as they’re swept into the beat.”
—Gabrielle Roth, “Maps to Ecstasy”

Find out about the 5 Rhythms
… and more at our classes
and much more at our workshops.

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