Tonight (Oct 14) + diary dates <br>& Gabrielle on ‘Flowing’

Tonight (Oct 14) + diary dates
& Gabrielle on ‘Flowing’

Dear Dancers

As well as booking for this week’s class we’ve got more dates for your diary this week, including the return of Bernadette’s much loved New Year Workshop: Re-Visioning 2023. And the first of some short extracts from Gabrielle Roth’s seminal first book, to support your embodiment of the Rhythms. Read on…

Friday 5 Rhythms

with Bernadette Ryder
Fri 14th September
Horfield Parish Church Hall

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(as usual, booking open
for the next 4 classes… and…)


  • 3 Day New Year Workshop:
    Re-Visioning 2023
    30th Dec – 1st Jan
    St Michael’s Parish Hall
    Save the dates – full details to follow in due course.

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Much more in the pipeline for 2023
– watch this space

Forthcoming Evenings…

Special seasonal dances*:

  • Hallowe’en 5 Rhythms Party BOOKING OPEN
    Saturday 29th October 8-11pm
    St Michael’s Parish Hall
  • Christmas/Solstice 5 Rhythms Party
    Thursday 22nd December 8-11pm
    Horfield Parish Church Hall
  • New Year 5 Rhythms Party
    Saturday 31 Dec
    St Michael’s Parish Hall

(*Pre-booked only – drop-in will be available only if not sold out. When tickets go on sale, this will be announced on email, website and Facebook.)

No Friday class (venue unavailable):

  • Oct 28th … but see above
  • Nov 11th
  • Dec 23rd … but see above

See you on the dance floors.

All Love,
Jon, for Bernadette, & team xxx


The first of the 5 Rhythms…

“Gradually begin moving with the flowing rhythm of the music. Stretching, undulating, feeling the weight of each movement in space, you’re inventing your own tai chi. You feel your feet firmly on the floor and the circular movements of your legs, your arms, and your hands describe an evolving continuum. You’re centered in your belly and all the movement begins and returns there: rising on the inhale, exaggerated and prolonged, and sinking and contracting on the exhale. Now follow your feet and flow with the music as the spirit moves you. There’s no right way to do it, only your way. And gradually your own style, your unique way of being, will emerge, and the movements, and the breathing, and the flow of the music will blend into a dynamic unity so that you will feel you are the rhythm, you are flowing.”
—Gabrielle Roth, “Maps to Ecstasy”

Find out about the 5 Rhythms
… and more at our classes
and much more at our workshops.

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