Neil Pinnock in Bristol, Friday Feb 23 (drop-in)

Two exciting announcements this week!

  • Neil Pinnock is teaching in Bristol this Friday, Feb 23
    (this post – read on below)
  • Tribe of Doris Summer School 2018 – 5R Community Tickets available now
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Neil Pinnock teaching in Bristol this Friday, Feb 23

Our mini ‘festival’ of guest teachers got off to a great start last week, and who better than Neil Pinnock to follow that up? It’s been a while since his last visit – don’t miss this one

Neil teaches under the evocative banner ‘Wild Heart Dance’ – here’s what he says on his 5 Rhythms Global profile:

“Dancing a lifetime, teaching since 2007. 5 Rhythms is my home, my sanctuary. It has transformed me and my life. Now as a teacher I offer the space to heal, to grow, the rejoice and to be alive more fully. In my workshops we work intimately, close to the seasons and to the land, creating communion and community through the dance, ritual and celebration. In classes I’m equally happy cooking up big waves, taking the powerful passion of a group through wild chaos into tender lyrical and sweet stillness. You are always welcome on my dancefloor. I hope to meet you in the midst of the wave.”

While Bernadette is away, we have the privilege of wonderful guest teachers for 3 sessions – each with their unique teaching style, they share a gift for making the profound both accessible and (when appropriate) playful. They are:
– 16 Feb – Jean Rankin
– 25 Feb – Neil Pinnock
– 02 Mar – Andrew Holmes
Bernadette is back on Mar 9th.

All at the usual time and place

… and looking ahead… also announced this week:

Tribe of Doris Summer School – August 8-12, 2018 >