God, Sex & the Body – for Participants<br>Welcome, preparation, meals <br>(and some important deadlines)

God, Sex & the Body – for Participants
Welcome, preparation, meals
(and some important deadlines)

* To: All ParticipantsGSB Bristol 2023 *

Dear Dancer

Happy New Year 🙂 
We trust that your 2023 is off to a great start, and you’re looking forward to dancing “God, Sex and The Body” in Bristol. 

This email is important — please read it now: 

  • Welcome from Alex 
  • … and to help you prepare 
  • Some important dates 
  • Meals: Last chance to amend 
  • Add Dinner on Saturday and/or Sunday? (if not already included in your booking)
  • Private Facebook Group (and sharing travel/accommodation) 

In “God, Sex and The Body” we will explore what holds us back and what urges us forward into the greater mystery of being a human being. This is a celebration of the feminine and masculine in each of us, a dancing invocation of Mother, Mistress, Madonna, Father, Wild Son, Holy Spirit and the alchemical energy that bonds them. 

One (or more!) of these energies in you will step into the spotlight to be embodied at our dress-up, get-down, try-it-on party on Saturday night. Although the Mistress loves a good soiree, perhaps your Wild Son will make an appearance, or maybe your Madonna will choose to come and scatter blessings through the crowd. There will be music and space to explore them all. Who knows, we may fall in love with ourselves in new and unexpected ways! 

This should be an exciting journey, and I am thrilled that you will be a part of it. 

To help you prepare:

Outside of the party, in our 4 days of dancing, you may like to include clothes that help you to find and embody different aspects of your soulful self… You may have already questioned and explored gender, expression, and identity, or this may be a whole new adventure. We all benefit from the experience of the wider circle. Everyone — you are invited, but not pressured, to indulge your feminine nature by donning a skirt or dress on the dance floor. 

For more inspiration on the various archetypes and the worlds they whirl, you could read Gabrielle’s Sweat Your Prayers, Chapter 3 – or dance with them first if you prefer! You may also like to bring a journal. 


Some important dates:

Jan 29th Last day for amendments to your meal requirements (see below) 

Feb 28th Your balance payment must have reached us by this date, to qualify for your ‘early bird’ discount1; there is a waiting list, so late payment risks losing your place on the workshop2

Mar 23rd A week before the workshop, you should have received details of “Where to come and what to bring” (including venue address) — if not, contact Jon immediately. Emails are going to junk/spam, please check there first. 

MEALS – last chance to amend: January 29th: 
After this there can be no alterations (other than for medical reasons). Please re-check your booking confirmation, to make sure your choices match your needs3.

Dinner on Saturday / Sunday: 
(if not already included in your booking)
Some asked about adding just Saturday and/or Sunday dinner to your booking:

  1. Saturday – we finish at 5pm to get ready for the party. If you plan to remain onsite, and not return to your accommodation, you may wish to have dinner at the venue (6pm as usual).
  2. Sunday – we finish at 5pm on our last day together, and you may wish to stay on for dinner at 6pm before you travel.

Until January 29th, add either or both of these meals to your booking for £10 per meal – contact Jon (reply to this email).
– If you have not yet paid in full, this will be added to your ‘balance due’. 
– If you have already paid in full, there are several payment options. 
(There’s no additional admin fee on top of this cost — it affects a fairly small number of people, but could make a big difference to your experience of either of those days if that’s you. Jon x) 

Private Facebook Group: 
We have set up Private Facebook Group: GSB Bristol for participants (only) – the link only works if you have already received an invitation. If you have not, please send a private message and, if necessary, a ‘Friend’ request to either or both of Jon Ralls and Alex, with your Facebook name and real name (if different). We can then send you an invitation. We very much encourage Facebook users to join, and connect with other participants, before and after the workshop.

If you are looking for, or can offer, an accommodation and/or travel share (incl to/from the venue), please do so in that group, and then check it regularly. Onsite accommodation is full — any spaces, we’ll let ‘non-residential’ participants from outside Bristol know, in case you wish to join those staying onsite 🙂

Be well, dance on, and we are all looking forward very much to dancing with you. 

With Love 
Alex, Jon & team 


  1. If we have not received full payment by Feb 28th, your tuition cost increases to ‘full price’ (an additional £50). 
  2. After Feb 28, if your balance (now at ‘full price’) is still unpaid by March 7, we will have tried to call you – if we have failed to reach you, your booking will be considered cancelled, and offered to those on the waiting list. Contact Jon urgently to discuss, if you still wish to take up your place but have any problem meeting these deadlines. 
  3. There is a £10 admin fee for most changes. 
  4. Through March, refunds on cancellation progressively reduce (please see website).

“God Sex and the Body is and always will be a profound and integral part of the 5Rhythms® curriculum. It has personally informed my way of being, my teaching style, and, most deeply, my acceptance of who I am and who I am not.” — Gabrielle Roth

DISCLAIMER: God, Sex & the Body, Bristol 2023 is offered by Alex Mackay, promoted/organised by Jon Ralls, ‘hosted’ in Bristol by kind invitation of Bernadette Ryder. Your booking is with Alex Mackay/Jon Ralls, and subject to Alex’s terms and conditions not those for In-Rhythm/Bernadette Ryder’s workshops shown elsewhere on the In-Rhythm website. Publicity and booking facilities are provided by In-Rhythm for administration purposes only, and creates no contract with or legal liability of any kind by In-Rhythm/Bernadette Ryder.