Three more classes to Xmas, Extra time & Taking care

Three more classes to Xmas, Extra time & Taking care

Dear Dancers

Three more classes to Xmas

– and a little extra to set you up for the holidays

Booking is open on our website for the 3rd, 10th and 17th December and, since the 17th is the last class before Xmas/New Year, we will dance on a bit later that night – to somewhere between 11pm and 11:30pm. So more dancing, and some extra time to chill and chat for a bit. NO extra charge for that 🙂
(And if we can, there’ll be some refreshments at the end too — we’re just checking out the practicalities).

Taking care of ourselves and each other

As the weather turns wintry, and regulations evolve, we’ve reviewed our risk assessment and guidelines, to enable us all to make informed choices about how we take care of ourselves and each other. The key elements are:

  • keeping warm is as important as ventilating the space;
  • please self-test before coming;
  • please book in advance to be sure you get in.

(details below)
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Looking forward very much to dancing through the winter with you — see you on the dance floor.

With Love,
Jon, for Bernadette & team xxx

’Covid safe dancing’ update – more detail:

To enable us all to make informed choices about how we take care of ourselves and each other…

Specifically in line with recent guidance:

  1. We are committed to “adequate ventilation, subject to maintaining thermal comfort” – we are not going to put you at risk of injury from dancing in a cold space. We monitor temperature and CO2 levels (a proxy for ventilation effectiveness), and are exploring the best ways to manage the airflow.
  2. Our numbers ‘guideline’ is now a limit, so DO book in advance if you can.
  3. We are re-introducing hand sanitiser, tissues and bins at each end of the hall.
  4. Face coverings are not recommended during exercise, but we would ask you to ‘sound’ into a scarf or item of clothing if that is part of your expression in the dance.

And as a reminder:

  1. Please don’t come to a class if you or a member of your household have symptoms that could be covid; we will take this on trust, doing no more than checking your temperature on entry.
  2. We request that you self-test negative (=’probably not infectious’ using a free ‘lateral flow test’) before coming to a class.
  3. We request your contact details, and consent to give them to NHS Test & Trace should they request them within 21 days of the class (which remains highly unlikely).

Of course, there is no ‘panacea’, but the above are intended in combination to create an acceptably ‘safe space’ for the majority of us, in support of our 5 Rhythms practice and its considerable benefits at every level of our beings sparkles emoji 🙂