Covid-19: The importance of ‘moving with this’


(This is quite an old post, but still relevant, so we’ve left it in place…)

Bristol 5 Rhythms classes restarted thru Sept/Oct, in a fantastic new venue, where they will resume as soon as it’s possible!
See this announcement.
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Hard Times Require Furious Dancing

Dear Bristol 5 Rhythms Community

We believe that this is a time to dance deeper, not a time to stop — fear can paralyse, and it is basic 5 Rhythms practice to keep things moving to express them functionally. “For those who are not high risk — continuing exercise, movement and meditation is an effective way to boost immune systems, increase our body’s natural defences, and prepare us mentally to meet the challenges that lay ahead.“ (5RG*)

You will have read/heard the main public recommendations many times – they’re summarised again at the foot…

… and for our Friday classes:

  • Bring your own water (no glass please) – the water fountain is off.
  • Café will continue, for the time being, using compostable disposables.
  • Everyone will understand if you choose to hug less, and greet with a big smile.

There’s more detail here if you wish it; if anything changes we’ll let you know.

Whether you join us on the dance floor soon or on Zoom, or connect through the spirit of movement and rest at home, we are with you sending positive prayers of good health and wellness to all.

With Much Love
Jon for Bernadette and Team

The basics — as you doubtless already know…

  • Self-assess the risk to yourself and your immediate circle
  • Stay at home if you are not well – and for a week after you are better – and/or if you have come into contact with someone who has tested positive, and/or you have recently travelled from a ‘hotspot’
  • Practice good personal hygiene, esp washing your hands before and after class
  • … and please read this longer post if you want more detail…