Covid-19: The importance of ‘moving with this’ – in more detail…


(This is quite an old post, but still relevant, so we’ve left it in place…)

Bristol 5 Rhythms classes restarted thru Sept/Oct, in a fantastic new venue, where they will resume as soon as it’s possible!
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Some of the details of what follows are now out of date, but the principles stand 🙂

Hard Times Require Furious Dancing

We believe that this is a time to dance deeper, not a time to stop — fear can paralyse, and it is basic 5 Rhythms practice to keep things moving to express them functionally. “For those who are not high risk — continuing exercise, movement and meditation is an effective way to boost immune systems, increase our body’s natural defences, and prepare us mentally to meet the challenges that lay ahead.“ (5RG*)

You will have read/heard the main public recommendations many times (see below) – and in relation to our 5 Rhythms classes:

Bristol 5 Rhythms:

We, and DMAC who run the dance studios, are monitoring official advice carefully and, unless there is explicit advice to the contrary, we dance on as usual, with particular attention to the general guidelines below… and we also ask that you please:

  • Travel by car (shared if possible), bike or foot, rather than public transport, if you can.
  • Bring your own water, as the water fountain has been switched off (no glass bottles please).
  • Wash your hands at the beginning and end of class.
  • After dance café will continue, using compostable disposables, but we would ask you please to wash your hands after class before you partake, and not to share cake or cups of tea with others.
  • Everyone will understand if you choose to hug less, and greet with a big smile.

More generally, as you doubtless already know…

  • Self-assess the risk to yourself and your immediate circle
  • Stay at home if you are not well – and for a week after you are better – and/or if you have come into contact with someone who has tested positive, and/or you have recently travelled from a ‘hotspot’
  • Practice good personal hygiene, esp washing your hands before and after class
  • … and please read on for more detail in relation to 5 Rhythms (and a link to an admirably straightforward page on the NHS website)…

* What follows is an adapted version of a recent circular from 5Rhythms Global:

We Are Asking Our Community to:

Self-assess your personal risk + the risk of your family and close contacts.

Regardless of whether the virus is present in your community yet or not, data suggests that elders, immune-compromised individuals and those with chronic illness (especially, but not limited to, cardiovascular and respiratory conditions) are at greater risk and therefore should limit their participation in group activities.

If you or someone in your immediate circle falls into these high risk categories, we advise you to consider your risk before attending 5Rhythms classes and workshops at this time. Any concerns should land on the side of caution.

Be aware of the wave of your own personal health — if you develop symptoms stay home.

Maintaining your health and strengthening your immune system is, after basic hygiene, the most effective way you can contribute personally to slowing the spread of the virus. Eat well, sleep enough, and keep up your fitness and your spirits — in service to which we encourage you to dance with us provided you are confident of your health.

The symptoms of coronavirus are aligned with the common cold and flu, especially fever, cough and shortness of breath. Even if you just develop a new sniffle or mild cough, though barely affecting your energy, please give it some time for the wave of this illness to fully move through you before returning to class. If you were sick but are not 100% recovered, please extend the Stillness of your process for a little longer by not joining class/workshops for at least one week after you have fully recovered.

If you have come into contact with someone known to have tested positive for coronavirus, or have traveled in the last 14 days to a WHO-listed hotspot, please also stay home to prevent the possible spread to others in our communities.

Practice conscious personal hygiene:

  1. Avoiding touching your face.
  2. Cover your mouth and nose whenever you cough or sneeze, use tissues to blow your nose, dispose of them promptly in a trash receptacle.
  3. Be mindful of not touching the mouth of your water bottle with your hands when drinking water during practice.
  4. Wash your hands before and after every class — frequent hand washing for at least 20-30 seconds reduces the spread of the virus — including before and after going to the bathroom, and before and after eating:
    Take the 5R wave to the sink as demonstrated here by Dr Peter Selwyn:
    (Note: you may need to be logged in to Facebook to hear the soundtrack)

Showering (if possible before) and immediately after class and workshops is also suggested to limit the spread of virus.

Source: 5Rhythms Global with minor edits.

Whether you join us on the dance floor soon or connect through the spirit of movement and rest at home, we are with you sending positive prayers of good health, wellness and recovery to all.

With Much Love
Jon, for Bernadette and Team xxx

Note: For confirmation of the general guidelines on your personal response, there is an admirably straightforward page on the national NHS website here: