5 Rhythms Year Group 2020: Journey to the Heart – Early Bird alert

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Journey to the Heart

5 Rhythms Year Group 2020

Gower Coast, South Wales – Early Bird expires Jan 15
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Happy New Year! It feels like a good year for a Journey to the Heart. To explore the potent, and often subconscious dance between Body, Heart and Mind — where cultivating the capacity to choose our felt responses to life is a key to emotional freedom.

Commitment to a Residential Year Group both opens space in ourselves, and allows the creation of profound trust, mutual support and a progressive unfolding into the precious dimensions and magic of the dance. An experience held and enhanced by the unique Rhossili environment and coastline.

Do join us – it’s still ‘Early Bird’ time. We have a few places at this price, until Jan 15th (or until they’re filled).

What are you looking for? What are you waiting for?

Find out more here*

Looking forward, I hope, to dancing with you soon, whether in Bristol… or in Rhossili 🙂

With love

Jon, Bernadette & team xxx

*P.S. DO call Jon if you have any further questions at all before signing up:
UK: 07970 069 256
Intl: +44 7970 069 256