Extra Dance Session – No extra cost – Fri Dec 13 (drop-in… then +photography)

Friday Dec 13 – 

  • An extra dance session
  • No extra cost
  • and a chance to be photographed in action.

Following immediately from our Friday evening session next week, we will run an additional 5 Rhythms session (for maybe 40-60 min – so we will finish 11.30pm latest)

My DMAC colleagues – Bob and Kabbo – will join the session in order to take pictures and short action videos, to include in promotional material for the DMAC dance studios.

By joining this part of the evening you are agreeing to allow your dance to be recorded and used in this way. We will also give you access to photos you feature in, plus the right to veto the use of images you dislike. (Naturally we only want to use the good ones anyway.)

In-Rhythm logo glowing

If you think you might be interested in being recorded in action, you could let us know in advance with the message Dec 13 – I’m interested. So we can keep you posted. (Or just come along to the drop-in class… and stay on 🙂 )

I hope you’ll join us – it’ll be fun.


P.S. FAQ: Staying on for the additional Wave is entirely optional! You are very welcome to come for the regular class and, if you do not wish to be photographed, there will be a space to step out of the studio before the cameras arrive.