Full Moon and Beltane, Friday 22 & 29 April, 2016 (drop-ins)

May Queen, Full Moon and Green Man

A Sunny Spring “HI!” – and here’s two special nights coming up to dance your socks off… and celebrate maybe even putting the woolly ones away 😉

Friday 22nd April – Full Moon – Earth Day

We’re mostly water, so it’s no surprise that many of us feel the tides of the moon, especially in our emotions. And this year Earth Day falls rather beautifully on a Full Moon too. Come and put your emotions into motion… then sit on the Earth in stillness with love and tea and cake 🙂

Friday 29th April – Beltane – Sweat Your Prayers®

What can we say about Beltane, the Celtic spring festival? Come and get juicy and springy and celebrate nature bursting out all over. It’s all about fertility in every sense, which arises from coming together – feminine-masculine… earth-air-fire-water… sunshine-rain – releasing the seeds of everything we feed, water and grow through the summer.

Join us Friday nights to dance with the elemental energies and the instinctive wild forces within and without our being.

See you on the dance floor

Much love

Bernadette, Jon & team xxx


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