“An Invitation to The Heart” <br>Waves/Heartbeat™ weekly closed group

“An Invitation to The Heart”
Waves/Heartbeat™ weekly closed group

Dear Dancers

Thursdays, Sept-Dec 2023, Central Bristol

A Waves/Heartbeat™ dance journey 
with Bernadette Ryder & Rhythm Circle 

An opportunity to join Rhythm Circle – our ongoing closed group. We gather weekly in Bristol on Thursday evenings, to support one another to drop deeper in the dance and expand the embodiment and understanding of the profound 5Rhythms® map. It runs in ‘terms’ of ~12 weeks, with approximately 30 places each time. 

For the first time in Rhythm Circle we will be stepping into the 5Rhythms Heartbeat™ map with “An Invitation to the Heart” – to allow and explore the vulnerability of what is moving in our hearts – with the aim of releasing an expanded, and more spontaneous, emotional maturity.

… and/or come and talk to us at the end of a Bristol Friday class.

See you on the dance floors

All Love,
Jon, for Bernadette, & team xxx

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“Feelings are the language of the heart, but we have silenced them. We talk about feelings, we think about feelings, but when we actually feel them, we get so scared we immediately shove them back into the deepest chambers of our hearts. Yet none of us wants to be numb. We long to connect. We long to be real. We long to be intimate.”
~Gabrielle Roth (from “Connections”)

For full details
(dates, times, venue etc)
see Rhythm Circle

* Still places available *

“Re-Wilding Creativity”
Discovering and Recovering innate Creativity through Dance and…

Residential 5 Rhythms Workshop 
Rhossili, S.Wales, Sept 20-24 (Autumn Equinox) 

5 day programme, blending the potency of 5Rhythms dance with a wealth of creative exercises, in a cocktail designed to unlock your latent creativity and discover the natural brilliance of your innate Artistic Self.

“One of the most deeply nourishing and inspirational experiences of my life. An exquisite mixture of deep 5R practice beautifully held by Bernadette, stunning beaches, divine food and a wonderful group of dancers to share the journey.”
– a Bristolian workshop attendee [more]

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