Guest Teacher: Dean Kayum, July 5 (drop-in)

This Friday: Dean Kayum

July 5, 8pm-10:30pm

We have another treat this week. I love dancing with Dean: his teaching is profound, powerful, inclusive – his presence solid: challenging and reassuring me in equal measure… and always great music 🙂 From his 5RG website profile:

“For me life Is the dance and the dance is life. I love this practice,simple and profound. I am not interested in being a beautiful incredible dancer and yet the more I dance the more I feel that, simply because of my experience of just ‘being’ in movement. This practice is deeply therapeutic, healing, fun and ecstatic. On the dance floor I feel free to explore my rage, my passion, humility and whatever else emerges from the dance. Whatever your age, size or shape, join me on the dance floor, all you need is a beating heart and a breathing body.”

Dean currently teaches in Oxford and Milton Keynes, and offers weekend workshops across the UK. And this Friday… here in Bristol – usual place, usual time.

See you on the dance floors 🙂

With love

for Bernadette, our guests & the team xxx


P.S. UPDATE – Tribe of Doris booking deadline:
If you’re still thinking about joining us at Tribe of Doris this year, please book by July 14 at the very latest, earlier if possible in case we sell out (offer open to mailing list subscribers only – please use the link in your email to book).