What happened at The Deepening?… and what’s next?

what happened | what’s next?

Some reflections (and dates!) from Jon, three weeks on…

It’s hard to find the words really … except “Wow!” … so here are some from the participants (and team):

The Deepening - Residential Waves Intensive - Wales Sept 2018

“One of the most deeply nourishing and inspirational experiences of my life. An exquisite mixture of deep 5R practice beautifully held by Bernadette, stunning beaches, divine food and a wonderful group of dancers to share the journey.” —Workshop Participant, Bristol

“I got so much more from this workshop than I could have ever expected … meticulously organised and held, I could not find any other word to describe it than ‘perfect’.” —Kelly, Plymouth

“Bernadette’s experience and generosity as a facilitator, her skill and capacity to hold space for a whole group whilst having a particular sensitivity to individuals as they work, is tremendous.” —Mags L, Durham

“I hope you are able to get next year’s dates out soon – selfishly, I want to get them in my calendar before I get booked up…” —Julia, West Sussex

(All the feedback was like that! You can read more here.)

We were trialling the venue (Rhossili, on the Gower Coast of South Wales), which has proved itself so fabulously that we are going ahead with the four-part programme that Bernadette originally envisioned:

“Elemental Rhythms”

Worms Head, Rhossili (c) Bryn Davies“The first time I walked on the damp sandy beaches, explored the caves sculpted into the cliffs by the ocean, felt the gusting wind on the bluff and watched gulls soaring across one of the most beautiful seascapes I’ve ever encountered, I felt the elements – so powerfully present – calling to me. And I knew that, in this place, I had to let them inspire, guide and empower our work.” –Bernadette

“Elemental Rhythms” is a series of four workshops, each devoted to the teachings one of the elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Each element is a gateway to a deeper connection with our world, our-selves and our potential. We are formed of the elements and they are expressed through our beings. In their raw presence and power we find perspective and purpose.

Workshop 1- EARTH: Working particularly with flowing, the body, the physical, and the feminine – teaching the power of being. April 25th – 28th
Workshop 2 – FIRE: Working with staccato, the landscape of heart, feeling, passion, tenderness, and the masculine – teaching the power of loving. June 20th – 23rd
Workshop 3 – WATER: Working with Chaos, the energy field of the mind, the ego, the trickster, and intuition – teaching the power of knowing. Sept 19th – 22nd
Workshop 4 – AIR: Working with Lyrical, the soul, the imagination – Stepping into a vision quest and the teachings of the power of seeing. Nov 14th – 17th

Read about our venue – beautiful, elemental Rhossili (on the web page for The Deepening). Come and chat with us, or anyone who danced The Deepening, after any class … tho we may struggle for words, our faces and body-language will likely speak volumes.

See you on the dance floors (and beaches)
With Love
Jon X  (for Bernadette & team)


IMAGES: ‘Deepening’ tile (top right): see The Deepening web page
Other images on this post: © 2018 Bryn Davis, participant – thanks Bryn!