Lammas/Blue Moon – Fri July 31 (drop-in)

Our regular Friday class… with an emphasis on the harvest theme of Lammas which this years falls on a Blue Moon! Drop-in class, all welcome – see Where and when.



A Time of Gathering & Gratitude


Life, growth, abundance… it all needs sunshine and rain.

This Friday, July 31st, is Lammas (Lughnasadh in the Celtic tradition) the
Harvest Festival in the whirling wheel of our year – time to celebrate
whatever the summer is bringing us… the fun and productive, the
challenging and learning… all the places where we get to grow.

And this year, it’s also Full Moon, indeed a ‘Blue Moon‘*.
So let’s gather ourselves, gather together, and DANCE into our
gratitude for the sunshine and the rain, the breezes and the storms, in
our world and in our lives… and whatever we’d like to manifest, even
‘once in a blue moon’.

With love

Bernadette & team


* by the modern definition: the second full moon of the month.

SEE: Where and when