Thanks for checking

Thanks for checking in re bank details. Unfortunately, we’ve taken advice, and been told that posting these on the website anywhere is a really bad idea.

  • If you attended ‘Elemental Rhythms’ workshop(s), the bank details for ‘Journey to the Heart’ are the same, but using the reference below.
  • If you did not attend ‘Elemental Rhythms’, please use the PayPal/card form, or just call Jon (or iMessage, if you have an Apple device) to confirm account details if necessary: 07970 069 256
  • (Note: Please do NOT use the account details supplied for ‘Rhythm Circle’ weekly ongoing group payments!)

Reference as follows, according to programme:

Journey to the Heart:

quoting reference:

JH-[first name][first letter of last name]

Frederick Bloggs, making a transfer for Journey to the Heart would be:


Elemental Rhythms:

quoting reference:

ER-#-[first name][first letter of last name]

Where # is 0 for the whole series (or just omit number altogether), 1 for Earth, 2 for Fire, etc. Just string them together if booking for more than one individually – e.g.:
Frederick Bloggs, making a transfer for Earth and Fire would be:


Please note that these details relate to Workshops (only), and if you found this page by accident, please don’t use them without a conversation with Jon first…

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