Journey to the Heart – Residential 5 Rhythms Workshop Series – Rhossili 2020/21

Journey to the Heart - 5 Rhythms Residential Workshop Series

5 Rhythms Dance is a dynamic movement meditation, a process of surrender to the flow of your own energy through dance. The effect of regular practice is an awakening of self-awareness and a redressing of the imbalances of modern life.


Since the government expects the latest restrictions to last for at least 6 months, and they are likely to get tighter before they get looser again, we have taken the sad decision to cancel Journey to the Heart for 2020/2021.
It will be back!

And in the meantime, we plan to run some standalone workshops at the same venue later in 2021. We have therefore left this page in place, so that you can see how wonderful it is – please contact us via the ‘KEEP ME POSTED’ button below, if you’d like to receive details of these workshops as soon as they are published.

Journey to the Heart

Awakening the dance between Body, Heart and Mind

This 4 part programme, held in the stunning landscape of the Gower, will take us on an exploration of the subtle, yet hugely potent dance between body, heart and mind. For most, the dance plays out beneath the radar of our awareness – running patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour so entrenched we suppose them to be innate:

  • Loving the Body
  • Moving the Emotions
  • Bridging Mind & Heart
  • Your Heart in the World

Through focusing our dance practice in the landscape of the heart – exploring its shades, shadows, moods and emotions – the patterns begin to reveal themselves. Such enquiry expands emotional intelligence, and bestows the language and tools needed to fathom the mind/heart dynamic – where habits of thought and belief shape our attitude and therefore our moods.

Such awareness exposes the potential of choice. Cultivating the capacity to choose our felt responses to life is a key to emotional freedom – where the exercise of choice in our moment to moment attitude, is a practice in itself – and happiness can become our norm.

“The Quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight.”

Julia Cameron

The workshops can now be done individually, but they will also build on each other – progressively unveiling the subtle dance between body, heart and mind, its impact on our quality of life, and our capacity for choice in how we experience life’s waves.

We’ll again be no more than 25 dancers – read some feedback from previous workshops (extracts below):

Residential 5 Rhythms Workshop Series –
Rhossili 2020/21

“The 5 Rhythms are a path from love, to love, with love.”

Gabrielle Roth


  • Wed Nov 4 – Sun Nov 8
  • Wed Feb 3 – Sun Feb 7
  • Wed Apr 21 – Sun Apr 25
  • Wed June 16 – Sun June 20

By popular demand, you can now attend individual modules:
Prices per module from:
Tuition: £ 380 (details below)
(discounts for multiple bookings)
All meals & refreshments: £ 175
Onsite accommodation: £ 62.50

To secure your place:
Deposit per module £ 100
(full series deposit: £ 300)

More details below


Book online now

Prerequisite: 30 hours minimum Waves (classes/workshops) with an accredited 5 Rhythms teacher.

 5 Rhythms Teachers’ discount 20% off tuition.

(Other offers available to teachers and those on the TT path – call us!)

Bernadette Ryder


Prices, Booking & Payment

* This Year Group is now FULL * *

Please use the KEEP ME POSTED form below if you would like to be placed on the waiting list(s) in case a last minute place becomes available.

Full Programme (tuition)

‘Supporter’ price – first 7 places:

(Note: ‘Supporter’ is not a ‘team’ place – you’re simply helping the Group’s momentum (and our cash-flow) by committing early – there are no additional roles/responsibilities associated with this price.)

£1100 (= just £275 per workshop)
plus accommodation & food
(deposit £300 secures your place)

‘Supporter’ places sold out – ‘Early Bird’ available.

‘Early Bird’ price – until ‘sold out’:

£380 single module
plus accommodation & food
progressive discounts for multiple bookings 🙂
(deposit £100 secures your place)

£1495 (for all 4 modules)
plus accommodation & food
(deposit £300 secures your place)

Note: The workshops can now be done individually, but they will also build on each other.

Accommodation & Food

All meals & refreshments: £175 per module
Healthy sustaining vegetarian food from Cafe Momo

Shared accommodation: £62.50
(per module, 4 nights each)

Single supplement: £62.50
Other accommodation options may be available – contact Jon to discuss.

Booking and Payment


Please use ‘Keep Me Posted’ form to join waiting list – thank you.



(you’ll receive email reminders before key deadlines)


There is a prerequisite for this Series of 30 hours Waves with an accredited 5 Rhythms teacher beforehand.
Some of those hours might be related ecstatic dance practices such as Movement Medicine, Soul Motion and Open Floor and other practices which bring focus to movement, attention and breath, such as yoga, but please call to discuss.

5 Rhythms Teacher Training

These workshops will fulfil requirements for prerequisites for those on the Teaching path:
Modules will each represent: 5 days Waves each, or 5 days Heartbeat each*.
Please call us to discuss if this is your intention, so we can ensure that everything is correctly documented, and that you are aware of any specific details.

*Once Bernadette has completed the formal Heartbeat accreditation (new date to be confirmed).

Venue, Accommodation, Travel

Where and When


Rhossili, Gower Coast, South Wales

Nov 4th – 8th, 2020
Feb 3rd – 7th, 2021
Apr 21st – 25th
June 16th – 20th

(each time: Wed 6pm – Sunday noon)

Venue & Accommodation

The dance hall is light and spacious, with a natural wood floor.

This workshop is residential; we strongly encourage you to stay ‘onsite’, ideally in the bunkhouse.

Rhossili Village Hall and Bunkhouse is run by Trustees for the benefit of the local community.


The ‘board and lodging’ cost includes three meals a day from Wednesday dinner through to Sunday breakfast, plus healthy snacks, fruit and teas in between.

Getting there

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Other local info/resources

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