5 Rhythms Fundamentals – Workshop,
Vienna 23-25 October 2020


When seeking expansion – deepen your roots.
When fuelling your freedom – return to the source.

5 Rhythms Fundamentals is for all those – both beginners and the more experienced – who have fallen in love with the dance: found ecstasy in its heights, liberation in its depths, and are ready to expand further.

The foundational teachings of 5 Rhythms Dance, offer pathways that take us deeper into the medicine of movement, and tools that teach us:

  • How to ground more fully into the primal flow of our being.
  • How to bring greater clarity and shape to the expression of hearts.
  • How to release old patterns and surrender to the wild and ecstatic embrace of the dance.
  • How to unleash our possibility – exploring and celebrating our creativity – be it poetic, funky or irreverent.
  • How to allow the breath of stillness to renovate our dance-quivered beings – reweaving our connection to source.

Hagenmüllergasse 30
1030 Vienna

23-25 October 2020

165€ (earlybird)
200€ (full)

50€ deposit/registration fee

Contact: Arthur Ellert
+43 676 8414 3933

“Do you have the discipline to be a free spirit”

Gabrielle Roth

“In the rhythm of the body we can trace our holiness, roots that go all the way back to zero

– Gabrielle Roth

Bernadette Ryder is a masterful 5 Rhythms teacher with 22 years experience and an undying passion for the practice.

“The 5 Rhythms map fascinates me. It is so simple, yet so profound. No matter how far you go – there is always another layer. And the way in is right there – in the fundamentals of the practice.”

– Bernadette Ryder

Based in Bristol in the UK, Bernadette teaches from her own dance studios and has a network of thousands. She also practices yoga and meditation.

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