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Journey to the Heart - residential 5 rhythms dance Year Group 2020


“Journey to the Heart”

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We have our Ongoing Group (‘Rhythm Circle’), a series of evening classes at which the same group of people meet to go a lot deeper into the work — Workshops take it to another level again. In a block of uninterrupted time of at least one full day, better still several days, often in a residential setting, you can shift and expand the energy and ‘vocabulary’ of your dance and the places it takes you in amazing and unpredictable ways.

Many people also find a depth of experience of community with other participants in workshops that is hugely reconnecting and healing. Bernadette’s workshops combine different aspects of her work and experience, weaving the 5 Rhythms® together with, for example, The Work That Reconnects in unique and powerful ways.

Forthcoming & Recent Workshops:

Attendance at workshops may require prerequisites of a certain number of hours of, or previous attendance at, other 5Rhythms classes or workshops.
Journey to the Heart is now a ‘Workshop Series’ – it is therefore possible to book on individual modules, though booking on more than one is recommended (increasing discounts more you join us for 🙂 ).

Festivals, Summer Schools etc

These are great opportunity for unity with other dancing tribes – Bernadette is often asked to run classes, workshops or demonstrations at others’ events. We’ll generally flag them up via our mailing list, and key events will also be listed here:

Your Event?

Bernadette is often asked to provide music and dancing for private workshops and events of many kinds – effectively DJ-ing with the intelligence and sensitivity of the 5 Rhythms. If that sounds good to you, please do get in touch!

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