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Journey to the Heart - residential 5 rhythms dance Year Group 2020


“Journey to the Heart”

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We have our Ongoing Group (‘Rhythm Circle’), a series of evening classes at which the same group of people meet to go a lot deeper into the work — Workshops take it to another level again. In a block of uninterrupted time of at least one full day, better still several days, often in a residential setting, you can shift and expand the energy and ‘vocabulary’ of your dance and the places it takes you in amazing and unpredictable ways.

Many people also find a depth of experience of community with other participants in workshops that is hugely reconnecting and healing. Bernadette’s workshops combine different aspects of her work and experience, weaving the 5 Rhythms® together with, for example, The Work That Reconnects in unique and powerful ways.

Forthcoming & Recent Workshops:

Attendance at workshops may require prerequisites of a certain number of hours of, or previous attendance at, other 5Rhythms classes or workshops.
Elemental Rhythms workshops may be attended individually, but they also build on each other in a progressive sequence.

STOP PRESS“Journey to the Heart” – Residential Year Group in Rhossili 2020 – for more, see this blog post.

Festivals, Summer Schools etc

These are great opportunity for unity with other dancing tribes – Bernadette is often asked to run classes, workshops or demonstrations at others’ events. We’ll generally flag them up via our mailing list, and key events will also be listed here:

Labyrinth - 5 Rhythms dance retreat in Crete 2015

Medicine Dance

This is a collaboration and an emerging body of work between Bernadette Ryder and Dawn Morgan. Based in Stroud, Dawn is an exceptional teacher who brings a depth and breadth of experience plus her own unique flavour to the 5Rhythms. When working together, these two brilliant, yet very different movement teachers are opening new horizons through the co-creation of a beautiful healing approach to this work, which calls on the natural energies of the Earths’ rhythms and cycles.

Currently, Medicine Dance is being presented through workshops and seasonal celebrations (including a popular annual alternative alcohol- and drug-free New Year’s night party). For details and online booking for the next event, please see the Medicine Dance website.

Your Event?

Bernadette is often asked to provide music and dancing for private workshops and events of many kinds – effectively DJ-ing with the intelligence and sensitivity of the 5 Rhythms. If that sounds good to you, please do get in touch!

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