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Gabrielle Roth, originator of the 5 Rhythms®
Gabrielle Roth, originator of the 5 Rhythms®

Dear Dancer

By way of ‘Hello!’, here’s some info on:

  • Friday drop-in classes
  • Tuesday closed group
  • Workshops & events
  • Practical hints & tips
  • Where & when

Friday drop-in classes

Every week, rain or shine, 8pm Friday night – if Bernadette is away, another internationally renowned guest teacher will lead – includes these popular monthly variations:

“5 Rhythms® Fundamentals”

First Friday of every month
Includes more teaching about the basic form of the Rhythms – innate nature and character, origin and evolution. Particularly useful for beginners… and a great reminder for the rest of us!

“Sweat Your Prayers®”

Last Friday of every month
A guided warm-up then a wave with few words and relatively little structure – simply moving through a wave using music as our guide.

Both remain, of course, drop-in classes – open to and suitable for all – equally powerful, delightfully different 🙂

Tuesday’s “Rhythm Circle”

Our ongoing closed group that gathers weekly in Bristol on Tuesday evenings, to connect and support one another to drop deeper in the dance and expand the experience, comprehension and embodiment of the profound 5 Rhythms map. For more about it, and to join the waiting list, please see Rhythm Circle.

“Awakening the Creative Self” course

Rooted in 5 Rhythms® Dance, inspired by Julia Cameron’s “The Artists Way”, this course uses movement to untether creative energy, then directs it through a broad variety of art forms, giving each unfettered expression, to recharge the creative juices. We will announce through this mailing list and on Facebook, when this course is next running. To find out more, please see: Awakening the Creative-Self.

Workshops and Events

On the website you’ll find both our own workshops, and events such as Summer Schools and Festivals where Bernadette is teaching. This September we’re in beautiful South Wales, in 2015 we went to Crete. We’ve also had Midsummer retreats, New Year parties, courses – and more exciting things are in the pipeline – now that you’re on the mailing list, you’ll always be one of the first to know. See Workshops & Events for details (and often discounts).

And lastly, please do read the practical notes below – and also visit our Facebook page, click [Like] and [Follow]… and feel free to share your 5 Rhythms experiences, insights, and favourite grooves.

Looking forward very much to dancing with you 🙂

See you on the dance floor

Much love

Bernadette, Jon & team xxx

A few practical hints & tips…

(You’ll find reminders of these at every class, and also here at: What to bring, wear, do, avoid.)

5 Rhythms® is both a very ‘free’ individual practice which offers significant permission – while simultaneously being a group/community practice which calls for consideration and respect for the group process.

  • Please Arrive On Time & Warm Up: class starts as soon as music is on – 8PM LATEST – warm-up is integral to our process, please make the most of it
  • Bring a bottle of water (saves leaving studio for water fountain outside)
  • Bring something warm to wrap around you when not dancing
  • Please don’t wear any kind of fragrance – the dance is an environment that heightens allergies and other sensitivities;
  • You may bring bags, coats, valuables into the studio.

And once you are inside the studio, please…

  • Don’t Talk – words take us straight back into our heads
  • Don’t Dance in Socks (dangerous) or Trainers (bad for knees) – please dance barefoot or in dance sneakers
  • Don’t Use Phones/Tablets, even on silent – if you need to check on a babysitter or something, please take devices outside into the DMAC foyer, and check them there
  • Do Stay to the End, both for yourself and for the group – if you leave early you will disrupt the collective energy and your own process will be incomplete.

And any questions at all… please do ask 🙂

Bernadette Ryder 5 Rhythms teacher Bristol

Where & when…

In-Alignment Studios, Hamilton House, Bristol, BS1 3QY
Friday drop-in: 8:00pm – 10:30pm + after-cafe (at time of posting – please check dates, times & venues to make sure!)
(Tuesdays “Rhythm Circle” Ongoing Group)
Website: www.in-rhythm.com
Facebook: Bernadette 5 Rhythms

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