What to bring, wear, do, avoid

5 Rhythms is both a very ‘free’ individual practice which offers significant permission – while simultaneously being a group/community practice which calls for consideration and respect for the group process.

Bring & wear

  • Loose clothing in to move freely, and have a good sweat! – layers are good;
  • Something warm to put on or wrap round you when not dancing;
  • A water bottle;
  • Your curiosity!


  • Please don’t wear any kind of fragrance – the dance is an environment that heightens allergies and other sensitivities.
  • You may bring bags, coats, valuables into the hall/studio

Some dos & don’ts

  • Many find bare feet easy and comfortable – for those that need it, Dance Sneakers prevent sore feet and give support to arches, knees and ankles;
  • Other shoes are not recommended: Don’t dance in socks – you might slip! and trainers have too much grip so are hard on knees.

“Do you have the discipline to be a free spirit?” – Gabrielle Roth

This is a meditation/embodiment practice which has clear boundaries which need to be honoured  if the full potential of this work is to be achieved:

  • Don’t use phones/tablets, even on silent – if you need to check on a babysitter or something, take devices outside the studio (or, at Horfield, outside the building) and check them there;
  • Don’t talk – words take us straight back into our heads!
  • Arrive on time – the warm-up, including the initial ‘unguided’ warm-up is an important part of the process;
  • Stay until the end both for yourself, and for the group – if you leave early you will disrupt the collective energy and your own process will be incomplete.

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