Rhythm Circle 2019
– join/renew online

The coming term (Jan-April 2019):

Booking is open for renewals
and those on the waiting list

If you are not currently a member
and would like to (re)join us
, please
Contact Jon to join the waiting list
(or confirm that you’re on it!)

In-Rhythm logo glowingDates: Jan 8 – Apr 9 * (with 1 week break, Feb 19)
Times: 8pm – 10:30pm
Venue: Dance Studio 2, Hamilton House, Bristol
— the larger studio, with fully sprung floor —
Price: £136.50 / £123.50 (conc) for 13 sessions.

We’re delighted that you’re renewing, returning or joining us for the first time. Hopefully, by the time you reached this page, you’ll be aware of the benefits of closed group work, and the differences compared with drop-in classes. If not, PLEASE TALK TO US FIRST: to (Bernadette or Jon).
Please also (re-)read this blog post:
What’s so special about Tuesdays

To confirm your place:

  • Please pay (at least) the deposit as soon as possible to reserve it, or it will be offered to someone else on the waiting list.
  • Please either pay online (below), see “How to pay” in your email (if you got one), or contact Jon if you need bank details for a transfer.
  • Once you have paid please, again contact Jon to confirm how you have done so, and how much.
  • Important: We must receive full payment before the first session starts, so please ensure that you allow enough time for payments to reach us.

How to pay:

Card payments / PayPal

Note that you do not need to have a PayPal account to use this! You can use an ordinary debit or credit card. If, however, you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please contact Jon for details.

Pay in full:


Pay deposit:

Note: If you pay a deposit, please make sure you pay the balance before the start of the first session on Jan 8th – thanks! If you are renewing, you can spread your payment more evenly if you wish, by paying 50/50 as available to new members.


Pay balance:

Note: The amounts under ‘Pay balance’ assume that you have already paid the appropriate deposit as listed under ‘Deposit’ above – your payments should add to the the appropriate total under ‘Pay in full’.


To pay by PayPal direct (i.e. not using the buttons above), please log in to the PayPal website and make payment to: admin@in-rhythm.com (and if you’re happy to ‘send money to a friend’ we don’t pay any charges!) Please let Jon know that you have done so, and how much, and if you use an email address for your PayPal account that’s different from the one we have (e.g. for the mailing list)!

Other ways to pay

We can accept payment by cash (sterling or Bristol Pounds), bank transfer, (or even, if you twist my arm, a cheque!), but please contact Jon to arrange for this to happen quickly – out of fairness to others on the waiting list, we cannot hold places without payment.

Looking forward very much to dancing with you on Jan 8th… and hopefully on Fridays before that 🙂

All Love, Jon xxx


Small Print:

Standard Terms and Conditions for workshops, events & courses [PDF] – please check details of specific workshop / event / course for any variations.