Online Wave

Current wave:

UPDATE: Friday classes are now restarting on Sept 4, and you can join them in person at the venue or online on Zoom 🙂
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Bernadette teaching online

Being as we can’t gather to dance, here is a weekly Wave, for you to dance in your own space. Many people also choose to dance at Friday at 8pm as usual, so you can energetically be dancing with others. (And now even on Zoom if you wish – warmup starts 7:45!)

My suggestion is: that you warm up to your own choice of music, before going into the Wave, which will usually be about an hour.

You can also find the Wave on MixCloud itself, but note that if you play it from there, it may go straight on into another mix and/or advertisement, either of which may be entirely inappropriate to the space you are in at the end of this one!

Blessings on the dances and the bodies that so love to move,
Blessings on the life force that pulses with the beat.
Blessings on you all.

Love and blessings.

By the way, if you join MixCloud, you can get more plays, more flexibility, and you’ll be supporting the artists who make all the wonderful music we dance to. And if you join our mailing list, you’ll get a heads up when we post a new one – as well as updates about new offerings, online and (eventually) back in the studio 🙂