Joining a Zoom ‘Livestream’
– online dance with a difference

Bernadette teaching online
Image: Bernadette teaching a Zoom class during ‘Lockdown’

We have developed expertise during the Lockdown in running classes on Zoom, and have been astonished by the depth of process and connection participants have experienced. Our ‘Rhythm Circle’ closed group, and our Journey to the Heart workshops group have benefited from this, and we’re delighted to be able to make this more widely available. If you are relatively (or completely!) new to the Zoom dance, we hope you are similarly pleasantly surprised.

And… ‘Livestream‘ is different again – it’s not ‘just’ everybody dancing at home (though that can be powerful) – you are joining a ‘live’ class, with dancers at our venue, which is a different energy.

NOTE: When you book, you’ll receive emails confirming your booking & payment. Zoom login details will be sent manually nearer the time.

Dancing at

We’re looking forward very much to your joining our dance – you are ‘energetically’ as much a part of the group process as those in the room, and one of our team will be ‘holding the container’ within which Bernadette will be holding your dance space – while the webcam will show a wide view of part of the hall, she will have the Zoom display alongside her while taking the class.

Please note: At the end, the online host will not be able to speak, as they are in the same room as the dancers at the venue. They will ‘unmute’ you all, before joining the circle in the hall itself. You are then welcome to sit together in Stillness, whether in silence or sharing verbally – or to wave and ‘drop off’ at any time.

Some practical guidelines:

You are responsible for setting up your own safe dancing space, and for holding your own physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing!

Make sure the space is safe and give yourself as much room to move as possible.

Have drinking water on hand, and anything you might need to make yourself comfortable, both during your dance and immediately afterwards.

Tidy your space in advance, and set up anything else that would help make the vibe nice – lighting, an altar, etc.

Move at your own pace and in ways that suit your own body.

Look after yourself, anyone else (including pets!) in the room, and the environment you are in.

In-Rhythm and the teacher/facilitator cannot take responsibility for any injuries sustained as a result of participating in these sessions.

And finally… please let’s keep our online spaces completely safe and respectful – you agree when you book to make no recording of any kind, whether audio, video or screenshots etc. Thank you.

(Thanks to Dancing Tao in London, on whose guidelines this is based.)

And finally… here are a few ‘process’ tips to help you drop deeper:
  • Set up the space (and yourself) beforehand (see above). If possible remove/conceal any obvious distractions.
  • Try not to be transfixed by the screen – this is not like a Zoom ‘meeting’ or TV show – the screen is there to remind you others are dancing ‘with’ you, not as a focus for your attention.
  • Switch off ‘Self view’ – it’s the one that’s hardest to ignore! We usually cover the mirrors in a dance studio in 5 Rhythms – it’s the same thing.
  • Enjoy! 🙂