Joining a Zoom Dance/Meeting

If you have received and invitation to one of our ‘virtual’ sessions on “Zoom”, do join us, whether to dance or to sit in ‘virtual circle’ together.

  • Friday Sessions – at present (mid-July) these are ‘untaught’ spaces, hosted by a member of the team, to dance together using Bernadette’s curent pre-recorded ‘Online Wave‘. To join, you need to be on our Mailing List, and then register in advance each week.
  • Rhythm Circle (Tuesdays) – unless otherwise advised, your meeting number and password will remain the same for the duration of the term, so please retain your initial invitation – repeats will not be sent every week!
  • Login details will always be sent as an email invitation – please contact Jon if you are expecting an invitation and have not received it.

You will need the password, and on arrival will enter the ‘waiting room’ from which you will be admitted to the actual ‘meeting’.
If you have problems getting in, or for any reason have to leave and re-join, alert Jon by TEXT/iMessage (not email).
If the ‘one-click’ link doesn’t work, try again by going to the Zoom home page, and ‘Join a meeting’ manually, typing in the meeting number by hand.

You can join the call by any one of the following THREE methods:

  1. USE THE ZOOM APP on either a computer or a smartphone
  2. IN A WEB BROWSER (they recommend Chrome, but it works in others too):
    • Click the link in your invite to join the meeting.
    • An option “Join from your Browser” should appear automatically. If it does not, select “download & run Zoom”…
    • The option “Join from your Browser” should then appear.
    • You will be prompted to enter your name (your full name is helpful).
    • Click “Join” to be taken into the meeting.
      And there’s a help page here:
    • just call the appropriate phone number in your invite.
    • when you get the automated voice, follow instructions and key in the meeting ID and then password from your invitation.
    • (they have integration with “Skype for Business” but probably not Skype Personal)

Sooo… if you intend to join us, and by a couple of hours before the start, you have not yet received an email with a link (do check your spam box), then TEXT ME, and I’ll send you something manually.

Looking forward to seeing/hearing/dancing with you.

With Love

Jon, for Bernadette (who will host the ‘taught’ sessions)


Zoom security/privacy:

Zoom’s not perfect, but not nearly as bad as press coverage would have you believe! Like so many things online, it’s easy to address the most obvious security issues:

  • We shall be using a password for our sessions, and even for repeating meetings, will change it periodically – please check your latest email invitation.
  • At the end of a session, fully quit the app (if you’re using it) – don’t just minimise/background it – or log out and close the browser window if you’re doing it that way. This does, after all have access to your camera and microphone.
  • Depending on your device/operating system, you probably have settings to allow/deny apps that access – if you are concerned, you may wish to switch that off at the end. Just don’t forget to ‘allow’ it again before you start Zoom the next time.