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Bernadette 5 Rhythms at Horfield Parish Church Hall

Re: Latest Change in Restrictions:
The Dance Goes On (Thanks be to all the Gods)

Friday night 5 Rhythms with Bernadette Ryder…
both ‘At the venue’ and ‘Online

We currently have to restrict the number of available ‘At Venue’ places (in the hall) to 24, so booking in advance is required. If you would like to know more about the practical details before you book, please read: ‘Dancing at Horfield Parish Church‘ and/or ‘Joining a Zoom Livestream‘.

We now have a shiny new booking system 🙂

If you already have a booking and only need to submit Track & Trace Contact Details, please see below.


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Sept 18: ‘At Venue’ FULL*places
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Oct 2: ‘At Venue’ FULL*places
Oct 9: ‘At Venue’ FULL*available shortly

*join us on Zoom

Times: 8:30pm – 10:30pm
Horfield Parish Church Hall,
Wellington Hill, BS7
£14 / £12 / £10 (conc)

AND: Simultaneous Online
‘Livestream’ on Zoom
Price: £10

Booking issues: Contact Jon

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If you book on the same day for several classes, you only need to complete this form once. However, please do complete it again next time you come back to the website to book more.
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Terms & Conditions

‘At the venue’ bookings:

Our class numbers are strictly limited – these conditions are designed to ensure that precious dancing spaces are not left empty – we hope you understand 🙂

Up until 24 hours before the start of the class, you may:

  • convert your booking between being physically in the hall to online on Zoom (or vice versa, subject to availability) (no charge);
  • transfer your booking to a different date (no charge);
  • request a refund, less £2.50 towards our processing costs.

Within 24 hours of the start of the class there are no refunds or transfers (see notes*).

To cancel/transfer your booking, please contact us giving full details, including dates and your email address.

– After 8:30pm on the day before the class, please contact Jon by text (number here) if you cannot attend, but wish to release your place for another dancer.
– T&Cs update: Any booking placed before 3pm on Sept 3rd may still be transferred free of charge during the 24hrs pre-class, provided it is then re-booked by another dancer. If not, it will be treated as a late cancellation.

‘Online’ bookings (Zoom)

Up until the class start time, you may cancel and request either a refund (less £2.50) or roll-forward to another date. Once the class has started, no refunds/roll-forwards are available.

If participating online, you agree NOT to record the session in any way (audio or visual).

Please see also Zoom dancing guidelines and process notes.

* Mailing list
You can request removal from our mailing list(s) at any time using the links at the foot of every email.

** NHS Test & Trace:
We are required to request your contact details, in case required by NHS Test & Trace. If we are requested to share our class records, you would then be contacted by them. Depending on the circumstances and the length of time that has elapsed, this could include arranging for you to be tested, asking you to take extra care with social distancing and/or – in some circumstances – asking you to self-isolate.

This remains in full compliance with GDPR – the information will not be used for any other purpose, and will be deleted after 21 days (apart from your name and email address if you ticked the box to be added to our mailing list!) You have the right to opt out of NHS Test and Trace – if so, please tick that box on the form above.

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Before you book…

  • You can book up to four weeks ahead and, if you wish, book for more than one ‘At the venue’ class in one transaction.
  • You can’t mix ‘At the venue’ and ‘Online’ bookings in the same transaction (it breaks the Zoom registration process).
  • You do not need a PayPal account, it accepts debit/credit cards.
  • If PayPal says ‘Sold Out’, please click their ‘Continue Shopping’ button to return here to change your booking (e.g. to ‘online’ or a different date).

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Booking more than one class At the venue:

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REMINDER: You can’t mix ‘At the venue’ and ‘Online’ bookings – it breaks the Zoom registration process.


Book to dance Online via Zoom

If you are joining us online, we encourage you to dance with your ‘bubble’ – Zoom price is per location not per dancer 🙂
UPDATE – Zoom participation is now fixed price £10

SORRY – Zoom booking is temporarily suspended while we finish testing a new and much better booking system. Please either try again later, or contact Jon to be sent an email when the new system is up.

Participate Online via Zoom

(NOTE: When you have completed payment on the PayPal site, please wait to be redirected automatically to Zoom registration.)

Sept 18th
Fixed Price: £10.00
Sept 25th
Fixed Price: £10.00
Oct 2nd
Fixed Price: £10.00

At the class

Welcome to our lovely new venue!

We are excited to have found Horfield Parish Church Hall, just off Gloucester Road, as the venue for our Friday night classes – it’s a fine hall, with high ceiling, good ventilation, and a beautiful sprung wooden dance floor. We look forward very much to dancing with you there.

Having booked to dance with us ‘At the venue’, please take some moments to read our new guidelines (some practical things have changed since March!) … and of course, how to get there 🙂

If you’re joining us ‘Online’, please see the next tab ‘On Zoom‘.

Horfield Parish Church Hall

PLEASE READ: Guidelines for new normal…

To ensure that we all get the best out of our opportunity to dance together again 🙂

  • The class starts at 8:30pm sharp, and finishes at 10:30pm.
    Since we have to check everyone in, it is now essential that you arrive on time. Thank you.
  • Please bring your own water.
  • The total numbers in the class will be limited, based on official guidelines for exercise spaces.
  • We shall be working with distance awareness – which is in any case, simply an extension/application of a core aspect of 5 Rhythms practice 🙂
    • please observe the usual social distancing protocols;
    • once inside the venue, please greet with a smile across our safe space;
    • we shall not be working with physical contact at all.
  • Commonly touched surfaces (doorhandles etc) will be sanitised in advance; hand sanitiser and paper towels/tissues will be available.
  • Wearing a face covering is your own choice, but please note that wearing a mask during exercise is not recommended in the English government guidelines. Having said that…
  • For those who find vocal expression is habitually a part of your dance, it is important that you bring a scarf or mask specifically for that purpose so you are sounding through a soft barrier.
  • We are livestreaming the class via Zoom, for wider accessibility, especially for those who cannot attend in person. Online participants agree on booking not to record the session in any way (audio or visual). There is also an area of the dance floor not visible on Zoom.

And for the usual hints and tips…

Please see “What to bring, wear, do, avoid…” (written before the world turned upside down!)

Getting there

Horfield Parish Church Hall
43, Wellington Hill,
Horfield, Bristol
BS7 8ST [Google map]

By Car:
There is ample (free) street parking at the venue. Please do NOT park on the grass.

Local Buses from central Bristol:
73, 75, 76 up Gloucester Road
505 up Kellaway Ave

By Bike:
It’s uphill on the way… which means it’s downhill afterwards! 🙂

See you on the dance floor soon!

… You have no idea how good it feels to type that… on the other hand… if you’re reading this, you probably do! 😉

On Zoom

Dancing on Zoom

We have developed expertise during the Lockdown in running classes on Zoom, and have been astonished by the depth of process and connection paticipants have experienced. Our ‘Rhythm Circle’ closed group, and our Journey to the Heart workshops group have benefited from this, and we’re delighted to be able to make this more widely available. If you are relatively (or completely!) new to the Zoom dance, we hope you are similarly pleasantly surprised.

We’re looking forward very much to your joining our dance – you are ‘energetically’ as much a part of the group process as those in the room, and one of our team will be ‘holding the container’ within which Bernadette will be holding your dance space – while the webcam will show a wide view of the hall, she will have the Zoom display alongside her while taking the class.

Please note: At the end we shall briefly sit together in Stillness, you can then just wave and ‘drop off’ at any time – we shall not be sharing verbally, as the online host will be sitting in the same room as the dancers at the venue!

Bernadette teaching online

In case you came to this tab first…

BTW, it’s a 3 stage process:

  1. Contact Details
  2. Book & Pay
  3. Register on Zoom

Some practical guidelines:

(These will be repeated in your Zoom Registration confirmation email)

You are responsible for setting up your own safe dancing space, and for holding your own physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing!

Make sure the space is safe and give yourself as much room to move as possible.

Have drinking water on hand, and anything you might need to make yourself comfortable, both during your dance and immediately afterwards.

Tidy your space in advance, and set up anything else that would help make the vibe nice – lighting, an altar, etc.

Move at your own pace and in ways that suit your own body.

Look after yourself, anyone else (including pets!) in the room, and the environment you are in.

In-Rhythm and the teacher/facilitator cannot take responsibility for any injuries sustained as a result of participating in these sessions.

And finally… please let’s keep our online spaces completely safe and respectful – you agree when you book to make no recording of any kind, whether audio, video or screenshots etc. Thank you.

(Thanks to Dancing Tao in London, on whose guidelines this is based.)

And finally… here are a few ‘process’ tips to help you drop deeper:
  • Set up the space (and yourself) beforehand (see above). If possible remove/conceal any obvious distractions.
  • Try not to be transfixed by the screen – this is not like a Zoom ‘meeting’ or TV show – the screen is there to remind you others are dancing ‘with’ you, not as a focus for your attention.
  • Switch off ‘Self view’ – it’s the one that’s hardest to ignore! We usually cover the mirrors in a dance studio in 5 Rhythms – it’s the same thing.
  • Enjoy! 🙂