Awakening the Creative-Self – 2017/18


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Discovering & Recovering innate Creativity

Dancing Centaur, drawn by hand, drawn by another hand

A Year Programme – to unlock your latent creativity and release:

  • a poet or a painter,
  • a dancer or a writer,
  • an actor or a musician.

Possibly all of these – probably more.

Rooted in 5 Rhythms® Dance, inspired by Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”, this course uses movement to untether creative energy, then directs it through a broad variety of art forms, giving each unfettered expression, to recharge the creative juices.

“The soul is an artist, its nature is to create.”
– Gabrielle Roth

Within each of us is an artist. Your artist may be a photographer, sculptor, storyteller, film-maker, singer or digital artist. Perhaps all, and more besides. Yet we live in a culture that is judgmental and often condemning of artistic expression

Consequently, many have suppressed and denied their creative impulses for so long they have become blocked. For the artist in you to thrive, it needs recognition, permission and support. This course is designed to create the conditions and give you the tools needed to set your artist free.

Since 2004, Awakening the Creative-Self has worked for countless people, from professional artists blocked in mid-career to complete novices exploring their creative potential for the first time.

“Learn to enjoy the process of being a creative channel and to surrender your need to control the result.”
– Julia Cameron

Awakening the Creative-Self works through the healing practice of 5 Rhythms Dance, which grounds us in the body and unlocks our intuitive facility, which we release into a rich tapestry of different art forms, letting each find expression free from the restraints of judgment – especially self-judgment.

The Programme opens us, not only to a new relationship with our creative capacity as artists, but also to our creative potential, catalysing our capacity to become empowered choreographers of our own lives.

Prerequisite: Participants normally need to have attended a minimum six 5 Rhythms classes with a fully qualified 5 Rhythms teacher before the course begins. (Friday classes run through most of the summer.) However, if you have experience of other ‘focus’ practices, such as yoga or other conscious dance practices, please call Jon to discuss.

Bernadette Ryder is an artist: dancer, singer, writer, painter & digital artist with a passion for liberating creative expression in herself and others. She has been teaching 5 Rhythms Dance and leading empowerment workshops for nearly 20 years.

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