Tribe of Doris Summer School 2018

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for 5 Rhythms Community Tickets …

But you can still join us at a 5% discount on usual prices
Find out how below 🙂

Tribe of Doris is offering 15 of DMAC’s Bristol 5 Rhythms dancers a very special deal at their Summer School this year.

‘Full event’ tickets for just £150*

For 5 Rhythms Dancers Only – 25% discount on a Full Event ticket in exchange for doing 2 simple class evaluations
(or get a 5% discount on other tickets).
Read on…

This is an invitation to deepen the partnership between the Tribe of Doris community and that of the dancing community at DMAC. As our teacher Bernadette is a founding director of DMAC, she specifically requested that 5Rhythms dancers be given this opportunity.

So come and dance, sing, drum, hang out, camp out…
Doris is a joyful celebration of music, culture and creativity, in a beautiful place (Stanford Hall, Leics.) Come with us and enjoy Summer School 2018!

That means you can:

  • be part of an unforgettable and enriching experience in this unique Creative Cultural Community;
  • celebrate global diversity with over 50 daily workshops in dancing, drumming, singing, relaxation and ceremony;
  • get 25% off the standard price of a ‘whole event ticket’ 🙂
    (weekend and day tickets are also available).

It’s your passport to a world of culture… for all ages and abilities.

More about Tribe of Doris (this website) | The Tribe of Doris website

Our expectations:

  • You join Bernadette’s workshops at Doris, supporting us by participating, welcoming and encouraging newcomers and being positive role models and ambassadors for In-Rhythm, 5 Rhythms and ultimately Doris itself!
    (most of that translates as ‘you dance!’ 😉 ).
  • You evaluate at least two other workshops/performances over the summer school – things you’d be doing anyway! – you choose which, and agree them with the Artist Liaison team onsite (simple evaluation forms & guidelines provided).
  • Children (5yrs-11ys) must be accompanied by a parent/grandparent/officially recognised carer, and they must be responsible for these children at all times.

That’s it! If you wish, you’re welcome to also camp, cook, and hang out by the fire with us in the 5 Rhythms Circle, but that’s entirely optional – and everyone is welcome round our fire, whether booked here or just showing up.

What if that doesn’t work for me?

If you can’t make the whole thing, but would like to buy a weekend or day ticket, or if you don’t want to do the above, but DO want to come to the Summer School? You can buy a ticket on the Tribe of Doris website and claim a 5% DISCOUNT, simply by entering the coupon code BERY (short for ‘BErnadette RYder’!) at the checkout 🙂 See below…

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Book now:

We have a limited number of these tickets, so don’t delay! You can book here using either PayPal or a credit/debit card. If you’d rather pay by cash or bank transfer, please contact Jon for details.
BTW please do read ‘our expectations‘ above, just so you know what you’re signing up to!

Tribe of Doris Summer School 2018 – 5 Rhythms Community Ticket (ADULT)

£155.00 (incl £5 admin fee)


Tribe of Doris Summer School 2018 – 5 Rhythms Community Ticket (CHILD)

(5ys – 11yrs)
£42.50 (incl £2.50 admin fee)


Tribe of Doris Summer School 2018 – 5% Coupon Code
(all other tickets)

You can book on the Tribe of Doris website at a 5% DISCOUNT. This includes weekend and day tickets, if you can’t make the whole event, but would still like to join us.
Just go to: Tribe of Doris Summer School Tickets Page
and enter coupon code: BERY (short for ‘BErnadette RYder’!) at the checkout.
* Note: This code can be used for Teens’ tickets (12yrs – 19yrs); Under 5s go free.


  • Want to know more about the Summer School, venue, accommodation etc?
    Please visit the Tribe of Doris website.
  • Questions about these special tickets for Bristol 5 Rhythms dancers?
    Please Contact Jon.
  • You’d like to come, but can’t make the whole thing, or don’t want to do the evaluations? (BTW, they really are simple and quite fun)
    You can get a 5% discount on any ticket with the coupon code BERY – see above.
  • Anything else?
    Do contact Jon, or come and chat to us at the end of a Friday drop-in class.