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If you are on our mailing list, you’re probably eligible for a special discount if you book by mid to late June (date t.b.c.) – there will be an email sent out in due course, or read about a previous year’s deal here (though you’ll need the email for full booking details, so for now just contact Jon to enquire!)

We’re great friends with Tribe of Doris, and and especially love their Festival/Summer School where Bernadette has taught, danced, sung and chilled out by the fire. They’re DMAC partners, also based here in Bristol.

About Tribe of Doris

“25 years ago an animated group of music lovers and adventurers met on a campsite outside of Bristol to celebrate their love of drumming and culture. Their aim was to acknowledge the drum at the heart of music, recognising the importance of the artists as carriers of cultural authenticity, bringing a little slice of West African goodness to the merry fields of England.

“Over the years with lots of loving nurture this small seed has grown into a thriving community. The drum was our inspiration and our focus quickly grew to include all aspects of music, dance and song from across the world. Tribe of Doris is not only an organisation but a collective of people who are passionate about engaging with each other and the world around us. Through community events, festivals, a Summer School and gatherings we continue to spread our love of diversity and culture.”

Source: Tribe of Doris website:

Discount Tickets for Festival/Summer School

As a visitor to our website (on years that Bernadette is teaching there) you can get 5% off your booking on the Tribe of Doris website, by entering the discount code BERY (short for ‘BErnadette RYder’!) at the checkout 🙂 🙂

  • IMPORTANT: Bristol 5 Rhythms dancers – some tickets are also available at a BIGGER DISCOUNT in return for some helping out, as advertised at classes and via our mailing list. To apply for one of these places, please either use the link in your email, or Contact Jon. Thanks!

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