Workshop booking instructions

Please make sure you have read all about the workshop(s) before you book – call Jon before booking if you’ve any questions not answered on the appropriate website page.

Payment of your balance

This can’t be done online, only by bank transfer or cash. When arranging a transfer, please ensure that you choose “fees paid by sender”, otherwise a further amount may be due to complete your booking.
For international transfers, we recommend – payment details will be sent to you with confirmation of your balance due. If you are new to Wise, please create a Wise account via this link. Any ‘referral fees’ we earn will contribute to a bursary fund, supporting dancers who would otherwise be financially excluded to attend workshops.

To pay for your booking in a single payment (deposit+balance)

Please choose the ‘Offline Payment’ option at the end of the booking process, type ‘Bank transfer’ in the information box, and we will send you bank transfer details.

To book for more than one person

Simply increase the quantity after you have clicked [Select] – all attendees’ details are added later, during the checkout process.
HOWEVER, please note that if you do this, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions on their behalf, and are financially fully responsible for their booking. If you’re not both OK with that, please book separately!

To book for more than one individual workshop (if part of a series)

Simply choose each in turn and click [Select]. When you have finished, click [View selections] and check carefully that the correct choices and quantities are shown, before you proceed to payment.
If you’re booking for a series, there is likely to be a ‘course’ listing for the full series – please use that, rather than selecting them all individually. Thanks.

About your deposit

This reserves your place. Your booking is confirmed on receipt of payment of the balance by bank transfer/cash by the appropriate date(s) – we’ll be in touch shortly after you have booked to confirm:

  • How much your balance payment will be, and when it is due;
  • Early bird price applies if we receive your booking and payment in full by the stated date(s);
  • Workshop series: Multiple workshop discounts will also be deducted from your balance as appropriate;
  • Residential workshops: Any adjustment to your balance due, if your chosen accommodation option is not available;
  • These and further details can be found on the page(s) for the appropriate workshop(s).

Cancellations & alterations (In-Rhythm events):
Deposits for residential workshops are usually non-refundable, those for non-residential workshops may be refundable subject to deduction of an admin fee – if you haven’t already, please see:
BOOKING & PAYMENT DETAILS on the appropriate Workshop(s) page and, for In-Rhythm events, our full terms & conditions (PDF) (opens in new tab/window).