Workshops, classes <br>& Gabrielle on ‘Chaos’

Workshops, classes
& Gabrielle on ‘Chaos’

Dear Dancers

This week…

Friday 5 Rhythms

with Bernadette Ryder
Fri 4th November
Horfield Parish Church Hall

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(as usual, booking open
for the next 4 classes… and…)

Forthcoming Evenings…

Special seasonal dances:
now booking online*

  • Christmas/Solstice 5 Rhythms Dance
    Thursday 22nd December 8-10:30pm
    Horfield Parish Church Hall
  • New Year 5 Rhythms Party
    Saturday 31 Dec 8pm-late (times tbc)
    St Michael’s Parish Hall

(*Pre-booking recommended – drop-in available if not sold out.)

No Friday class (venue unavailable):

  • Nov 11th
  • Dec 23rd … but see above

See you on the dance floors 🙂

All Love,
Jon, for Bernadette, & team xxx


Re-Visioning 20233 Day New Year Workshop with Bernadette Ryder
30th Dec – 1st Jan
St Michael’s Parish Hall

Crafted to help you step into 2023 psychologically and emotionally resourced: strong, positive, clear.


God, Sex & the Body – 4 Day Workshop with Alex Mackay
30th Mar – 2nd April 
Bristol BS9 venue

In the dancing path of the 5Rhythms®, “God, Sex and the Body” is an initiation into being an embodied soul.



The third of the 5 Rhythms…

“To move into chaos, I love to be carried away by tribal drumming. Chaos is rooted in flowing and staccato rhythms but revs them up beyond control. Jerks, spins, releases, taking every movement over the edge, yet totally grounded in your feet. You’re carried away, surrendering to the surging of the music. Letting the brain and the controlling mind go, and letting the body loose – no blocks, no inhibitions, no doubts, just pure animal gyrations.”
—Gabrielle Roth, “Maps to Ecstasy”

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