Dance deeper Thursdays <br>– last minute Rhythm Circle spaces

Dance deeper Thursdays
– last minute Rhythm Circle spaces

Dear Dancers

‘Rhythm Circle’ ongoing closed group
Thursday nights, Apr 21 – July 7

5 Rhythms is an enormously powerful practice – and even just as an evening class, people love it, and benefit greatly from it 🙂 … and, as Bernadette explains (in the video on our website), there’s so much more…

Have you ever wondered about our other classes? What’s different from Fridays, and why a ‘closed group’? What’s the powerful ‘magic’ that happens some weeks in open drop-in classes that leaves us all sitting in a circle, in Stillness, apparently ‘struck dumb’? Can we choose to go to those places, or is it some kind of lovely accident? And if we can go there, from scratch, in two and a half hours… where else could we go if we kept going…?

The course can be difficult to get onto as existing members and the ‘waiting list’ get first shout and then, if space allows, there’s a narrow window for others to dive in. With a short turnaround this time over Easter, we’ve some last-minute spaces, so we’re opening the invitation wider… if you are curious, why not watch the video (or read the transcript), and then read more under “What’s so special about Rhythm Circle” beneath it:

Good Friday gratitude

Thank you all who came to our Good Friday class, dropping in quickly and deeply – Stillness was beautiful and profound. A great start to a beautiful weekend for all, we trust – and we’re dancing again this week (no break) – come and dance…

for Friday classes

Looking forward to hearing from, and dancing deeper with you.

See you on the dance floor soon.

With Love,
Jon, for Bernadette & team xxx

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