Dear Dancers,

Hats and scarves out! From Monday we can meet for a coffee 😀 On my ‘glass half full’ days, I find so much gratitude for (not so) small things I once took for granted. Perhaps the time to find our way ‘back’ is more time to savour them?

Likewise in the dance – having recently danced a lot of short Waves (5 – 15 mins), a full hour feels like luxury, with time to sink in and allow my body to find each Rhythm more fully. And if that resonates for you… why not take it deeper, and dance two Waves back to back? 🙂

Here’s another beauty from Bernadette – Alone Together Wave 9:

Have a great dance…

You’ll also find this, and a couple of previous Waves here:

Online Wave (free)

Be well, and we look forward to dancing with you… hopefully before too long.

With Love 
Jon for Bernadette xxx