Dear Dancers,

One week down, just under 3 to go*… hang in there… and in support of that, here is your link to this week’s Online Wave:

Sorry – there’s still a technical issue with this week’s Wave, so we’ve taken it down again – we’re working on it and it should be here eventually!
If you need to dance right now, you’ll still find last week’s Wave by following the Online Waves link below…
(UPDATE: and now the next one too!)

Bernadette teaching online

These Online Waves will be posted each Friday through November, and are available for at least a week.

And thank you again for further lovely messages of support 🙂

With love and blessings,

Jon & Bernadette xxx

The Wave is also available on MixCloud itself, but bear in mind that if you play it there, your Stillness may be rudely interrupted, as it will auto-play another ‘show’ at the end.
On MixCloud, you may have to sign up the first time you use it. With a Free account you can listen to the same Wave up to three times in a ‘rolling two-week window’ – that restriction is lifted if you pay a subscription, which in turn goes to support the recording artists (of the songs) via the royalties system.

* Ongoing:
The indication remains that we shall be able to resume classes at Horfield Parish Church Hall on Dec 4, so the December classes are now available on our bookings website – to give yourself that to look forward to.