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We’re still unsure when we’ll dancing in a studio again, so meantime here’s a chance to see, and dance with (and optionally share at the end with) folks you might not have seen since before Lockdown! This is not a taught class – the space will be technically ‘held’ by a member of the team, and we will dance to Bernadette’s current fabulous pre-recorded Online Wave.

How to join:

Where: Chez vous – on Zoom + Mixcloud
When: 7:45pm for 8pm Friday night – next one: August 7

All are welcome, but you do need to:

  • be on our mailing list. If you’re not on it, and you’d like to join us on Zoom, you can join it first here*.
  • register in advance using the link belowplease don’t leave that ’til the last minute!**

We’ll be warming up together from 7:45pm (using Gabrielle Roth’s music made available by permission from Raven Recordings for this purpose). Please arrive in plenty of time.

* If you don’t want weekly/fortnightly class/download emails, select ‘Workshops & Events only – and you can unsubscribe anytime, using the links in the foot of every email.
** If you do register after about 7pm please be patient – I’ll be setting up, and it may take me a little while to see your registration and send you the meeting details.

How it works

We’ll gather on Zoom, so we can see and, when appropriate, hear each other, and we’ll each stream the music using Mixcloud – which you’ll find here: the current Online Wave (or on Bernadette’s Mixcloud account, if you’d rather use the Mixcloud app, for example). Please note this means you need to either use a computer or have two mobile devices – you can’t use Zoom and Mixcloud at the same time on a phone!

Register here:

Join our Mailing list (if you haven’t already)

Register for the Zoom meeting here:

* August 7th – REGISTER NOW *
Registration closed

(you’ll receive confirmation and the link/details to join the meeting sometime between now and 7pm Friday – text Jon if you haven’t – see below).

The Music: Bernadette’s Online Wave – we’ll use the latest one, posted on the day (alternatively go to Bernadette’s Mixcloud account, e.g. to use the app).

Looking forward to seeing you there <3
Jon xxx

P.S. If you have any problems either registering or logging in to the actual session on Zoom, please TEXT Jon on 07970 069 256 – please don’t email, I won’t get it ’til afterwards!


You are responsible for setting up your own safe dancing space, and for holding your own physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing!

Make sure the space is safe and give yourself as much room to move as possible.

Have drinking water on hand, and anything you might need to make yourself comfortable, both during your dance and immediately afterwards.

Set-up anything else that would help make the vibe nice – lighting, an altar, etc.

Move at your own pace and in ways that suit your own body.

Look after yourself, anyone else in the room, and the environment you are in.

In-Rhythm and the teacher/facilitator cannot take responsibility for any injuries sustained as a result of participating in these sessions.

And finally… please let’s keep our online spaces completely safe and respectful – please no recording of any kind, whether audio, video or screenshots etc. Thank you.

(Thanks to DancingTao in London, on whose guidelines this is based.)