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The (big, beating) Heart of In-Rhythm online 🙂

Dear Dancers,

Here is your Lockdown Wave 12 (below).

Week 12!! It’s hard to believe we’ve been doing this for nearly 3 months.

And who would’ve thought that’s something even more challenging, even more painful, would raise its ugly head in this strange period. But it has – and it’s with us – and our family on the other side of the Atlantic is screaming the agony of an old, and searing painful wound that has been ripped open yet again.

So if you are able to dance for yourself, your own heart, your own coping and that of your loved ones this week – as I hope you’re able to – maybe include those over the ocean who stand and cry out, yet again, for a simple and obvious justice – the recognition by the state and its systems that black lives matter too.

What fills me with hope in the face of this horror, are the signs that change is arising. If you want to see some non violent ways of doing things – Please see these links:

Portland, Oregan:


Or you can find them on Facebook page here:

With love and blessings.



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With love and blessings.

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