The (big, beating) Heart of In-Rhythm online 🙂

Hello All,

Has anything odd happened to you recently?
8 weeks of Lockdown is – surely – a little odd.
The Sun is shining, it’s a full moon, it’s May bank holiday, and it’s the 75th anniversary of VE day!
Yet the lockdown rolls on.

What to do?

Well – for those of us who love life’s rhythms – there’s always dance.
So here – with Lockdown Wave 8 – is a little encouragement to shake your body down.

When I’m dancing, my appreciation for life comes awake and fills me with prayer.
This week, this is my prayer:

Thank God for the music,
thank God for the musicians,
thank God for movement,
thank God for sunshine,
thank God for full moon,
For many still working I’m sure they’re saying, thank God for bank holidays,
and thank God that terrible war came to an end 75 years ago.

May our mini war, with a very tiny enemy, come soon to a peaceful end.


more lockdown waves

Blessings on the dances and the bodies that so love to move,
Blessings on the life force that pulses with the beat.
Blessings on you all.

Love and blessings.

Note: On MixCloud, you may have to sign up the first time you use it. With a Free account you can listen to the same Wave up to three times in a ‘rolling two-week window’ – that restriction is lifted if you pay a subscription, which in turn goes to support the recording artists (of the songs) via the royalties sytem.