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Hello All,

When I am creating these waves, I imagine you’re in your homes, your different lives, your many and varied situations: Some isolated from the world and those you love, some shut in with loved ones, with both the joys and the challenges that brings. Some with little to do, some massively involved keeping our world going and our health service going through these testing times.

And I just hope that those of us who find dance healing and nourishing are able to create the space and the opportunity to move as we need to.
The intention of these waves is to support you. They come with heart – they come with love.

You’ll find your weekly ‘Lockdown Waves’ here:

May you feel the opportunity this strange and unique time presents. May you find that opportunity and use it to its fullest.

Love and blessings.

Note: On MixCloud, you may have to sign up the first time you use it. With a Free account you can listen to the same Wave up to three times in a ‘rolling two-week window’ – that restriction is lifted if you pay a subscription, which in turn goes to support the recording artists (of the songs) via the royalties sytem.