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Dear Dancers

Here is our third Lockdown Wave and, once again, many of us will dance at the same time…
i.e. Friday night at 8pm as per usual.
And, of-course, the Wave will still be there for you to dance later, if that doesn’t suit… or to dance again 🙂

The suggestion is:

  • Warm up to your own choice of music
  • Dance the Wave (it’s an hour)
  • Find you then want to keep moving? Carry on with your own music – it’s great to deepen your dancing relationship with the music you love and choose yourself.

You’ll find your weekly ‘Lockdown Waves’ here:

Thanks again for your messages of support, and for hearing how many of you find dancing these Waves supportive… ‘together’ Friday nights, and anytime you can 🙂

Be well, keep dancing, keep connected.

With Love
Jon, for Bernadette xxx