Dear Beautiful Dancing Beings

“Journey to the Heart”
– with Bernadette Ryder

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5 Rhythms Year Group, Rhossili, S Wales, 2020

Exciting news – dates for next year’s programme, which is a “year group” – an integrated year-long programme in four sessions*. This level of commitment by the whole group allows the creation of profound trust, mutual support and a progressive unfolding into the precious dimensions and magic of the dance. An experience held and enhanced by the stunning Rhossili landscape and coastline.

Dates for your diary … so you can plan the rest of your dances (literal and metaphorical 😉 ) around them:

Apr 30 – May 4 (Thurs-Mon)
June 25 – 28 (Thurs-Sun)
Sept 17 – 20 (Thurs-Sun)
Nov 5 – 9 (Thurs-Mon)
   (times tbc)

We’ll again be no more than 25 dancers, we’ll be back on the gorgeous Gower Coast, and practical details will be very much as they are this year (if you’re not familiar, follow the link below).

Further details in due course – meantime, do let me know if you’d like me to ‘pencil’ your place 🙂

With love

Jon xxx

(for Bernadette & team)

* Year group: A single programme, in which sessions are not designed or intended (or available!) to also stand alone (unlike this year’s Elemental Rhythms workshops).


  • For the avoidance of doubt, this means that you commit in advance to the full programme; no new participants will join part-way through; and cancelling during the process will incur a loss.
  • The exception of course would be in the team, should this be necessary to ensure continuity, in case of illness or other unavoidable absence.
  • Yes, I got one of the dates wrong in the first email [blush] – the second workshop starts on Thursday June 25th.

BTW, speaking of this year’s Elemental Rhythms… in case you missed it, ‘Water‘ and ‘Air‘ (which were both full) now have spaces, so if you, or anyone you know, are not already on board, and might be interested in joining us… please see: Elemental Rhythms 2019

Gower Coast views and our accommodation