Xmas / Winter Solstice Dance – Fri Dec 22nd (drop-in)

(usual time and place – see where & when)

Join us to celebrate the turning point, when the days start to lengthen again 🙂 Shake off any creeping S.A.D. and escape the Christmas crazies with great music in a warm, nurturing space with our lovely dancing community. Then snuggle up together and share Cindy’s Tea and Gwen’s fabulous (and unseasonably healthy) raw cakes.

“Creativity from Chaos”
 – New Year Party with a difference

And speaking of dealing with the crazies, as we approach a new year in these turbulent times:

Come and join us to dance, play, vision, and party into 2018. In true 5 Rhythms® style, in a space free from drugs & alcohol, there will be wicked world beats, an abundance of art materials and unbounded permission to dance & express your response to both how things are, and how they really could/should be. (Refreshments provided after midnight.)
Find out more and book online (or in cash at a class).

See you on the dance floor!

With love

Bernadette, Jon & team xxx

P.S. If you’ve thought about taking your 5 Rhythms practice deeper, by joining our Tuesday “Rhythm Circle” closed group, we’re just coming to the end of a simply wonderful term, and there will be some spaces to join (or re-join) in January. Whether or not you’re already on the waiting list, do come and have a chat with Bernadette or Jon at the end of a Friday class, and find out more.