Jean Rankin

Fri April 7 – drop-in class
Guest teacher Jean Rankin

Jean’s website asks…

Are You Ready to Dance Your Dream Awake?

Many of us are living a fraction of the passion and aliveness that we could be. Caught up in routines, hemmed in by the roles we play, bound by convention and habit. Tired and emotional, lost in our heads and hypnotized by the virtual realities that take up more and more of our precious life time. There must be more to life


All it takes is a little bit of willingness to let the body start to move and breathe freely and start to DANCE

Let’s do it! Usual time, usual place…

See you on the dance floor

Much love

Bernadette, Jean, Jon & team xxx

P.S. And for your diary…

  • Friday April 14th – guest teacher Dawn Morgan
  • Tuesday April 25th – ‘Rhythm Circle’ ongoing closed group restarts
    (not to late to apply if you’re quick!) See Rhythm Circle
    Mondays Oct 2017 – May 2018 – ‘Awakening the Creative-Self’ course
    Dates announced – details to follow. See Awakening the Creative-Self